9 Reasons To Run 

9 Reasons To Run 

Let’s look at our top 9 favourite reasons to run. Have we included yours? If not, leave a comment – we’d love to hear about why you run.

#1 It’s True “Me Time”

Ever noticed how all those mindfulness gurus and women’s magazines tell us to “carve out me-time in your day”? Easier said than done, isn’t it. But when you’re a runner, your me-time is built into your workout. Running can be as peaceful, as solitary, and as meditative as you want to make it. No phone, no email, and almost certainly no hangers on (apart from your running buddies, and that’s OK because they understand the sanctity of a run!)

#2 A Ready-Made Community

It can be difficult to make new friends as you get older. We get set in our routine, and simply don’t have much opportunity to make brand new groups of friends (unless we make the effort to take up an evening class or something). Running is amazing for connecting you to a ready made network of like minded women: in your local area, online, and around the world. Running bonds women like nothing else. Now you’re a runner, you’re part of something big.

#3 Enjoy Nature

Whether you live by the coast, in the countryside, or in town it can be so easy to ignore your local sights. Running reconnects you with your surroundings in a way most people never get to experience. As a runner, you’ll see every day details of the seasons changing, you’ll explore off-road paths, and you’ll see local sights from a fresh new angle. We’re lucky!

#4 Feel Strong & Resilient

Let’s face it, being a runner is awesome. You’re fit, strong, and determined. You don’t HAVE to run – you choose to. And you’ve run in wind, rain, hail, and after dark. Running gives you a sense of satisfaction and empowerment that nobody can ever take from you.

#5 You Can Disconnect

Running might be the only time that you disconnect. You can’t be online,  you can’t check emails, and you can’t “just look something up” for anyone. Even if you choose to listen to music through headphones, you’re still offline…. it’s just you, your breath, your heartbeat, and your surroundings. That’s precious in this day and age!

#6 Put Things In Perspective

Something about running allows us to put all worries, fears, and problems into perspective. Most things seem manageable after a good run, even if they felt crippingly overwhelming beforehand. Clearing your head with a run might actually make some of those worries go away completely. And the ones that are still there when you get home? You can cope.

#7 Get It All Out

Running can be a kind of punchbag for your frustration, anger, and wound-up feelings. It’s not healthy to keep it all inside. So get out for a run, run hard and fast, and even indulge yourself with a loud yell if you’re somewhere rural!

#8 Food Tastes Better

Ever noticed how food tastes better when you’ve run that day? Running puts you in touch with your body’s real signals – of hunger, of thirst, of appetites and satiety.  Women who run stay in touch with their bodies for much longer.

#9 Appreciate Your Body

Life is so busy – we can go days or even weeks without really appreciating how incredible our bodies are for how they cope, what they do, and all the minuscule ways they are growing 24 hours a day. As a runner, you’ll be directly connected with your body every time you run. It’s a chance to feel breath going in and out of your lungs, your muscles working, your heart beating, your skin heating up and cooling down. Your body is incredible – and running helps you appreciate it.


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