These 7 Ideas Will Motivate You To Run Today!

These 7 Ideas Will Motivate You To Run Today!

Don’t feel like running today? You will after you read this…

How’s your running mojo today? Nowhere to be found? We can help with that. We asked the running4women team to tell us their number one, go-to way to get motivated for an outdoor run. When the kids were up in the night, or the boss called a surprise meeting. Here’s what gets us up and out the door for a run. We hope they work for you too.

#1 Take 5 minutes to reminisce

This might sound counter intuitive, but if you don’t feel excited to run – then stop! Take 5 minutes to remember all your favourite runs, your best races, your most memorable moments. Just don’t sit on the sofa to do this (you might never get up!) Let the excitement build, until you feel like you’d actually miss out to not go running today!

#2 Have your kit ready

If you’re a morning runner, get everything ready the night before. And we do mean everything! Sports bra, running kit, hat, coat, reflective gear etc all laid out. Water ready in your bottle. You can even set up the coffee machine for a quick espresso. The aim is to roll out of bed and get out the door with minimal excuses time!

#3 “Just 10 minutes”

You can run for 10 minutes, right? Even when you’re tired, stressed, and when your to-do list is mammoth. 10 minutes is… well, it’s just 10 minutes. So tell yourself you will only go out for 10 minutes (or 1 mile, whatever works for you). Chances are you’ll get into your stride and end up doing your regular run. And if you don’t? Well you’ve still done 10 minutes – and that’s 10 minutes more than you would have done! (And studies show that even 10 minutes of exercise has significant benefits for mental health, wellbeing, and calorie burn

#4 Remember how good it feels

Be honest, have you ever finished a run feeling worse than before you started? Have you ever regretted going for a run? No, nor have we. Running makes us feel happy, free, powerful, relaxed, accomplished, fit, and healthy. This run won’t be any different! So actually it’s more important to get out running when you feel sluggish, stressed, or just “blah”. Do it for yourself!

#5 Look at your log book

Take a quick look at your Garmin log, your Strava, or wherever you keep your running data. Be proud of your recent runs, and be determined to put another bit of data in the log. imagine how today’s run will look once it’s there: the miles, the pace, the route. Imagine who will like it or give kudos. You know how great it will feel to see it there – done. Now all you have to do is do it!

#6 Tell someone you’re going

This is an odd one, but it works for us! Tell your partner you are heading out for a run. Or call (or text) a friend. Or post it as a Facebook status (or do an Insta story about it). Something about declaring it to someone else makes it more real. You feel like you can’t back out now – even if the other person doesn’t really care! You’ve said it, and that’s usually enough to make you stick to your declared plan.

#7 Have a treat waiting

Plan a lovely treat for when you get back. It can be a bath with some product that you don’t often use. Or an episode of Netflix on the sofa with your SO. Or a particular meal you enjoy. Make it cheap (or free) and low calorie, so you don’t wipe out your running goals. Hey there’s nothing wrong with rewarding yourself for a job well done!


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