Toe Toe Sports Runner Socks

Toe Toe Sports Runner Socks

TOETOE toe socks offer significant benefits in promoting natural movement and function of individual toes compared to conventional socks.

As in anatomical design of the foot, free toe movement increases proproception. Feet and body tune into each other which results in improving balance. Using all details of foot makes feet function better.

Why Toesocks ?

• Better toe movement with EPT™ technology contributes to proprioception and body balance

• Hygienic as they prevent bacterial growth • Warm feet with increased circulation • Seamless fabric no friction • Toes do not rub together which prevent blisters • Exercised toes stay in their natural shape  

Product Review – by Viv – R4W Member

STYLE – Slightly unusual style with separate bits for each toe but looked good. Score 4/5

COMFORT/ FIT – Felt strange at first but very comfortable when out on a run and didn’t rub anywhere. I particularly liked the heel flap, which prevented any rubbing from trainers. Score 4/5

FRESHNESS – Kept feet dry Score 4/5

QUALITY – Washed well and feel good quality. Score 5/5

OVERALL – The only drawback to these was that they were a little thicker than I usually wear but will be good for winter. Having toes separated was strange at first but very comfortable once I got used to it! Score 4/5

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