Thorlos Running Crew Socks with Thick Cushion

Thorlos Running Crew Socks with Thick Cushion

Get these fantastic Thorlos cushioned running socks for the ultimate in high performance sports socks!  Designed with ladies who love to run in mind! 1. These thick cushioned crew socks use a moisture wicking THOR-LON construction to keep feet feeling cooler! 2. The socks are cushioned in the heel, toe and sole for added blister, shear and impact protection. 3. The toe cushioning helps to prevent ‘runner’s toe’. 4. A falt knit instep and thinner cushion at the arches allows for a better fit and improved support. Clear your mind and allow your feet to take you where you want to go!


Product Review – Thorlo Thick Cushion running socks by Victoria R4W member

STYLE:  I am not a fan of long ankle cuffs – but this is purely an aesthetic thing!  Score 3/5  

COMFORT/FIT/FRESHNESS:  Great – very comfortable.  If one isn’t used to wearing thorlos the thickness could cause problems with the fit of running shoes, but I had no problems. Score 5/5 

QUALITY:  Well made, nice quality. Score 5/5

OVERALL: I love these socks!  I’ve had a few pairs of Thorlos in the past and loved them all.  This style feel more ‘natural’ and ‘cottony’ than some of the other styles, but still have the wicking and non blister causing properties that are so valued.

Only marked down because I don’t like long cuffs! Score 4/5

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