RunBreeze – Cushioning Sock

RunBreeze – Cushioning Sock

RunBreeze products were designed with one main objective – to assist you in achieving effortless movement.

After thousands of miles travelling to source fabrics; months of research & development and many nights quizzing fellow runners in focus groups; RunBreeze was launched.

Why RunBreeze socks? 10 reasons.

10 Reasons to choose Technical Running Socks over normal everyday socks:

1. The material.  RunBreeze.com use breathable fabrics such as CoolmaxTM that help wick moisture away from the feet which can cause irritation.  

2. The Fit.  Normal socks move up and down the foot and are one of the reasons for blisters. Technical running socks are designed ergonomically around the shape of the foot so movement is limited and the sock stays in position.

3. The toe.  A RunBreeze sock has a seamless toe.  This helps prevents rubbing at the end of the toes which occur in a normal sock.

4. Achilles Heal protection.  On RunBreeze’s trainer liner range they have a padded support where the Achilles Heal sits, to help prevent rubbing on this area.

5. The Mid-Foot.  A technical running sock will have a Mid-Foot grip to help keep the sock in place.  In a normal sock a lot of people find their socks slip down, this won’t be the case with a properly fitted sock with a mid foot grip.

6. Left and Right Footed.  Socks designed to fit both of our feet properly.  Our feet our different shapes, so your socks should be too.

7. Cushioning.  Having a more cushioned area at the bottom of the sock like on the RunBreeze Cushioning sock helps with impact protection on your feet (they are very comfortable too!)

8. Anti Blister.  Blisters are a runners nemesis.  Help prevent them by using double layered technology like in the RunBreeze Anti Blister sock.  You don’t get that in your normal sock!

9. Health.  RunBreeze asked 100 people how long they keep socks and the average response was 8 years!!  Running socks should be changed just like trainers or kit.  RunBreeze.com have a sock calculator that tells you how many socks you will need per year depending on how many times you run and allowing you to change regularly without breaking the bank!

10. Performance.  You want to get the most out of your run so get a technical running sock.  They are lighter as they get rid of sweat quicker, they fit better and are more comfortable – all that means a big personal best for you!

The RunBreeze Cushioning Sock, incorporates a cushioned sole for added impact protection and comfort. Ideal for those running on hard surfaces or completing high mileage, this sock helps support the body by protecting the place we impact the most.  The RunBreeze Cushioning sock uses the latest technology with Coolmax XtraLife™ for a breathable, moisture managed running experience.

  • Cushioned sole for added impact protection
  • Coolmax XtraLife™ for moisture management
  • Left and Right ergonomic fit.  Keep the RunBreeze star on the outside to have the socks on the correct feet
  • Arch support to promote anti-slipping
  • Achilles heal protector
  • RunBreeze heal to support anti-slipping

 RunBreeze is a British based running brand providing technical running socks and accessories to the running community.  The design team has over 40 years experience in the industry and worked alongside runners to create the best technical socks possible.


Running4Women member review – They are comfortable look good and keep feet cool and dry. It was like running on a plush carpet, but with a good support structure. I would recommend these socks for all runners. Score 5/5

Available from RunBreeze

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