Pretty Polly – Blister Resist Socks

Pretty Polly – Blister Resist Socks

Get more from your workout with Pretty Polly’s Fresh Feet.

Treat your feet to optimum comfort at the gym with Pretty Polly’s Fresh Feet! Sliver which is an anti-microbial agent, is used within the socks to help control and prevent the development of foot nasties, including smelly bacteria and fungus.  Pretty Polly’s Fresh Feet are a workout essential, not only keeping your feet healthier and happier but also helping to prevent your trainers from smelling too.

Pretty Polly’s workout essentials include Blister Resist Socks and Running Socks.  Blister Resist Socks feature a specially developed twin skin sock with arch support, ventilated top and easy on tab.  The Running Socks have a terry foot bottom for extra comfort, a comfort welt and arch support, so your feet wil lfeel fresh and comfortable every step of your workout.

Get more from your exercise with Pretty Polly.

PRODUCT REVIEW – Pretty Polly – Running Sock

By Kathryn

STYLE – Novel socks with a thick padded sole for comfort. Score 4/5

COMFORT/ FIT – Lovely soft fabric. They feel very comfortable to wear but have quite a chunky toe seem which may rub on longer runs. Score 5/5

FRESHNESS – They are quite a bulky sock so I found my feet got quite warm in them compared to my usual ones– but I think for cold weather running they would be excellent. Score 4/5

QUALITY – Good fabric washes well. Score 5/5

OVERALL – I really liked these socks, they were very soft, comfortable and warm for winter. They only draw back is that they are a little bulky so my trainers felt a bit tight with them on. Score. 5/5   

PRODUCT REVIEW – Pretty Polly – Running Sock

By Wendy

STYLE – Excellent style, loved the pattern, the neutral style, the hit of colour, and a very nice cut, I’m not a lover of long socks or trainer socks, these were just a nice length especially for someone with short legs like me. They felt good to wear Score 5/5

COMFORT/ FIT–  A very comfortable fit, nice thin upper and padded underneath around sole of the foot and the heel.  In the warm weather we have had, they felt great, my feet didn’t overheat at all with them but at the same time there was plenty of padding Score 5/5

FRESHNESS – No problem with the freshness of the socks at all. Score5/5

QUALITY – Excellent quality, very well made, have worn, washed and tumble dried the socks a number of times and they’ve never faltered at all. Score 5/5

OVERALL – A first class pair of socks that I would recommend to anyone and would definitely consider purchasing myself if they were at the right price.   Score. 5/5 Pretty Polly –Blister Resist


STYLE – I found the colours to be very feminine (pale blue and white matched my Nike shoes) and the snug ankle design very attractive. Score5/5

COMFORT/FIT – As I have a small foot size (2 1/2 -3) I found them to be slightly on the baggysize when I first tried them on though they contoured to my foot once I started to run. These socks are midway thickness compared to other brands on the market which I’ve also tried and which have either been too thin or too thick. The double “skin” allows freedom of movement within the shoe whilst also offering sufficient padding at the front of the foot which is where I tend to need it most. Nearing the end of a 7 mile run I felt the left one start to slip a little down the back of my ankle though this happened only the once and rectified itself without me having to do anything!! Maybe I just have a weird running gait!! Score 4/5

FRESHNESS – The inner lining drew moisture away from the foot thus keeping it dry though the outside layer was slightly damp. The most important thing is that there was no rubbing and therefore no blisters once I’d taken them off. Score 4/5

QUALITY – In the past I’ve paid around £10 for socks that didn’t offer the same quality. I only hope that they start to do a slightly smaller size as that was really the only personal fault I could find. (I think maybe I should get my feet stretched) Score 5/5

OVERALL– Nice girly design and colour and excellent value for money offering good padding support for those of us who like a double skinned sock that isn’t too thick. Score 4/5

Pretty Polly –Blister Resist


STYLE -. Score 4/5

COMFORT/FIT –The design gives extra protection where you need it most – over the heel.  Fantastic for longer distances. Score 5/5

FRESHNESS – Score 5/5

QUALITY – Washed well. Score 5/5

OVERALL- Good Fit, super soft and cushioned.  Did not cause any rubbing in the usual sore spots on a larger run. Score 5/5

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