The Inside Track: Windsor 10K Race Preview

The Inside Track: Windsor 10K Race Preview


Have you entered the Running4Women Windsor 10K yet?

Here’s the R4W team with a round-up of what makes this race so very special.

What Makes It Special?

The Windsor 10K is one of our most popular races for women, and it’s easy to see why. First up, the location. Set in the “back garden” of iconic Windsor Castle, it has an incredible backdrop! The Castle itself is a stunning feature, but the Deer Park is pretty special too!

Features Of The Course

This 10k is jam-packed with iconic things to see as you run round the course. In fact, we wonder if it’s got the most amount of tourist features and historical views of any 10k in the world? Perhaps! Here are a few of the things you’ll run past: the “Copper Horse” (actually a statue of George III), the jubilee statue of Queen Elizabeth II on horseback, the York Club and the Village itself.

Is It Hilly?

We’d call it “undulating” rather than hilly. The Windsor 10K isn’t a flat, easy race, but it’s very rewarding. If you don’t include hills in your 10k training, now’s the time to start. Check out our Hill Running article here and use the advice in our Improve your 10k blog post, too.

What’s The Course Like?

Undulating, traffic free, green, incredibly beautiful, with stunning views of Windsor Castle for the final 2kms. It really is a race everyone should run at least once. A true wish-list 10k!

The Joy Of A Traffic-Free 10K

Every step of the Windsor 10k is traffic-free, meaning you can concentrate on your pace and on the experience of running in this amazing setting, without worrying about traffic, crossing roads, negotiating junctions, or being directed by marshals. (There are marshals of course, but they won’t need to help you negotiate traffic). Not many 10k races these days are completely traffic-free.

Amazing Start And Finish

We really are lucky to be able to start and finish this race on Windsor Castle’s Long Walk. It’s a truly stunning setting which never fails to inspire. If you’ve never seen it before, you’re in for a treat. And even if you’re a local runner who’s used to running around Windsor and the Park, you never get tired of this sight! The Windsor 10K is one of only two races that have been granted permission to use the Long Walk (the other one being the Windsor Half-Marathon).

We hope to see you there! You can still enter the Windsor 10k here

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