Quality Training When Time Is Tight

Quality Training When Time Is Tight

Do you need to run on your lunchbreak? Before the school-run? Here’s how to get a quality training run done when time is tight.

Time is often tight for women runners, particularly during the week. Work, chores, running the household, acting as taxi to kids…. it often leaves little time for us to indulge in the luxury of a spontaneous training run.

But that’s not to say we can’t fit effective training sessions in, even on the busiest of weeks. It just takes planning, preparation and forethought. Something we’re already great at! Put your organisational skills to good use and make sure you never miss a run again.

Keep Your Running Kit Ready At All Times

If you have a bag with your running kit, shoes, watch, GPS, earphones (etc) ready at all times, you can literally hit the ground running. 30 minutes opens up in your schedule unexpectedly? Don’t waste it. Grab your go-to running bag and get a quick training run in.

Look At Your Schedule

When would it be most convenient to slot a short run into your week? It’s probably best not to run at lunchtime if your afternoon work involves meetings with new clients. So choose your time-slot around other commitments, locations and obligations and work out when it makes sense to run.

Run Your Commute

Here’s a great idea. Can you run part of your daily commute? How about walking the kids to school, and then running home (the long way, if necessary)? Or taking public transport to work, and running home. Think outside the box and you’ll see that there are opportunities to run that allow you to kill two birds with one stone.

Make It Social

Are you due to catch up with a girlfriend over coffee? Well, if she’s a runner too why not turn your coffee date into a running date instead? You can still chat and catch up, but you’ll both benefit from getting an extra run in. And let’s face it, a short run is more conducive to our goals than a milky coffee (and slice of cake)!

Wear A Sportsbra As Underwear!

Here’s a great tip. Wear your sports bra instead of a regular bra. Not only will this enable you to pack less running kit, but you’ll be ready to run at a moment’s notice. When time is of the essence, little details count! Check out our sports bra buyers guides for comfortable, seam-free sports bras that are great to wear under work or leisure clothes.

Fuel Up Beforehand

If you’re going to be running at odd times of the day, make sure you’re sufficiently fuelled up. Plan ahead and either eat your meals accordingly, or pack a small snack to make sure you’re not low on energy before you start. And pack a small post-run snack, too, especially if you’ll be finishing your run and heading straight back into a busy day.

And Don’t Forget Hydration

Perhaps even more importantly than food is hydration. You must make sure you’re well hydrated before you run, no matter how busy your day has been. Carry a bottle of water with you at all times, drink water or herbal tea at home in the morning before leaving the house, and make a mental note to stay on top of hydration every day, not just on training days.

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