Need A Boost? 5 Tips To Get Motivated To Run

Need A Boost? 5 Tips To Get Motivated To Run

In the school holidays, it can be easy to lose motivation to run. For days when you need a boost, Running4Women has 5 sure-fire ways to get you out the door.

When training feels effortlessly automatic, it’s a sure sign that running has become a habit. Habits are easy because they’re ingrained into our routine, like brushing our teeth.

The interesting thing about habits is that they require a trigger, something which reminds our brains to go ahead and perform the habit. With the kids off school and our daily routine up in the air, we can lack the usual triggers which remind us it’s time to run.car

Here are 5 great ways to get yourself out the door and off on a training run when your usual habits and motivation seem to be lacking. Share this with your Mum friends or anyone who has got out of the habit of running and wants to find their way back!

1) Remember The Positives

If a trigger cue is needed to start the positive habit loop, the craving for a reward is what keeps the habit loop going. Taking running as the example of a habit, the reward could be endorphins (the runner’s high), knowing that you are sticking to an exercise routine, or feeling happy that you are closer to your weight loss goal. So tune in and really remember what makes running a positive, happy thing for you. Then replay it in your mind until you start to actually crave that feeling. Running will give it to you!

2) Prepare Your Body

If you’re already struggling to find the time or motivation to run, it won’t help if your body feels physically sluggish. So give yourself a fighting chance. Get a good night’s sleep so you wake up feeling physically fit to run. Be well hydrated, not just with water but with electrolytes. Eat in a way which energises you (cutting out sugary snacks but ensuring you do get enough complex carbohydrates). Check out our previous blog posts about the importance of drinking enough water, how to get a better night’s sleep, and the best types of carbs for women runners.

3) Meet A Friend

As a general rule, women tend to dislike letting people down and rarely break a date with a friend. So make your next run into a social thing with one or more running buddies. Arrange a firm time and place to meet. This might just be enough to get you back into the routine of regular running.

4) Use Music

What’s your favourite kind of music? The sort you play in the car when you’re alone and sing along to at the top of your voice? Put on your favourite rock, metal, hip hop or pop (we’re not ones to judge – you should see our running playlist!), turn it up, and dance around the room. If you’ve got a house full of people, go upstairs to the room you’d use to change into running clothes, listen through headphones, and just move your body. It will energise you, get you smiling, and hopefully you’ll feel keen to run!

5) What’s The Smallest Step You Can Make?

If the thought of going out for a run feels beyond you today, break it down into teeny tiny steps. Tell yourself that you will just run for 1 mile, or even 5 minutes. We’re almost certain that you’ll end up running for longer than that, but even if you do only do 1 mile or 5 minutes, it’s better than nothing. The hardest bit of going running is that very first step. So break the run down into the smallest possible stages, and set yourself a goal which is so tiny you really can’t fail to achieve it.

What ways do you use to motivate yourself, particularly during the school holidays or when your routine is compromised?

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