Got Into The London Marathon? 7 Things To Do Now!

Got Into The London Marathon? 7 Things To Do Now!

Places for the London Marathon 2020 have been announced. Are you in? Congrats! Getting that announcement can bring a range of emotions – excitement, pride, and nerves!

The London Marathon is in April, and most marathon training plans are 16-20 weeks long. But training starts now. Do these 7 things before the end of the year, and you’ll be in a much better position for the start of official London Marathon training in 2020.


1 Build your base fitness

Most of you are probably already running (not many people go from non-runner to marathon finisher). But it’s a good idea to focus your regular running now on building marathon base fitness. This means running 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes or more. Might mot sound like much when you’ve got a marathon goal in sight, but this kind of solid consistent base training will pay off.


2 Weekly long runs

In December, start doing a weekly long run. This will get you into the habit (so official marathon training isn’t too much of a shock to the routine), plus it will build invaluable endurance. These long runs don’t have to be very long – in fact they shouldn’t be because that’s the job of your marathon training plan. Just get used to the task of one longer run every week (ideally on the same day you’ll be doing your long training runs after the new year).


3 Run a 10K

Seek out a good local 10K race to do before Christmas. By good we mean flat and fast, so you can challenge your new-found running endurance. Running a fast 10K will boost your confidence as you head into proper marathon training, and it will break up the months of marathon training into smaller mini-goals.


4 Festive feasting

Should you cut down on the food and drink over Christmas and New Year when you’ve got a 2020 London Marathon place? Most of us are recreational runners, not pros, so it’s unrealistic to expect a complete change of lifestyle. But it’s a good idea to stay at a healthy weight over the festive period. Have your marathon goal at the back of your mind and just remember, a heavier body will put you at greater risk of injury during marathon training. Be sensible and enjoy festive food in moderation.


5 Stay healthy

One of the biggest challenges for marathon training is staying healthy over Winter. Stay away from bugs and viruses if you can. Consider taking a multivitamin supplement, and a daily Vitamin D supplement (this is important over winter months when we don’t get much sunlight). Don’t’ skimp on sleep – it’s a natural immune system booster.


6 Sign up to races

Many people like to break up their marathon training with shorter races. 5Ks, 10Ks, 10 milers, and half marathons make great training runs with the added bonus of all the motivation of race day. Start now by looking up local races and slotting them into your marathon training from December onwards. If you can find a 20 mile race for your final block of training, even better!


7 Get into a healthy routine

Successful marathon running is about much more than the training. It’s about eating well, staying hydrated, getting plenty of sleep, recovery, and time management. If you can start getting all of that into a routine now, you’ll be in a powerful place once your official marathon training plans kicks in after the new year.


Good luck! Running4women will be cheering you on!

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