Moa – The Green Balm

Moa – The Green Balm

Find relief with Moa

Unfortunately for many people chafing and rubbing is just one of those things that comes with long distance running, especially when you’re new to the sport. Whilst it might not seem mildly amusing to those not affected, it can be incredibly debilitating and hinder your performance, whether it’s a sore heel, groin, or nipple! Moa the green balm looks to not only help prevent rubbing in the first place, but also help soothe and calm areas that are already irritated…

Moa the green balm is a 100% natural healing balm which is free from nasty chemicals, artificial preservatives and parabens, meaning it’s ideal for even the most sensitive of skin types. Using a host of natural ingredients, including yarrow, a medicinal plant which has strong soothing properties, coconut, sweet almond and soy bean oils, which help nourish and protect the skin, tea tree oil which is a natural antiseptic, and beeswax, which helps protect the skin against the elements, as well as the friction caused by rubbing clothing. Moa the green balm provides a protective barrier for the skin, whilst also calming and soothing sore, affected areas.

What’s more the healing properties of the balm go further than just chafing and Moa can also help with many other sporting niggles including blisters, inflammation, minor cuts, bruising, insect bites and sunburn, making it an essential bit of kit for any sport.

Moa is available in two sizes, 50ml for  £9.99 and a handy 15ml pot, for £4.99, which is the perfect size for slipping into a running short pocket.

For more information or to buy ask at your local health store or visit www.thegreenbalm.com

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