Summer Skincare Reviews

Summer Skincare Reviews

It’s great to take our training runs outside, but we need to look after our skin during Summer. We’ve reviewed some of the best and newest Summer skincare items so you don’t have to.

Murad Water Resistant Sunscreen SPF 30 (£29)

If you fancy indulging your feminine side as well as your sporty side, you’ll love the suncare products from Murad, a luxury skincare brand developed by a dermatologist. The SPF 30 sunscreen is ideal for active women. Pomegranate extract intensifies your sun protection and Murad’s patented skin repair system works to prevent premature ageing. The sunscreen smells indulgent, absorbs to a nice matte finish, and is water resistant. www.murad.co.uk

Murad Essential-C Sun Balm SPF 35 PA+++ (£19.50)

For a pocket-sized option, try Murad’s SPF 35 sun balm which comes in a cute little sun stick, the ideal shape for carrying with you on a run, or for keeping in your handbag. It glides on smoothly (thanks to the tangerine butter base) to offer extra protection to hands, neck, nose, ears, shoulders and chest. All Murad’s products use a smart blend of encapsulated antioxidants to offer total sun protection (SPF can only ever provide a maximum of 97% protection against UV). www.murad.co.uk

SunSense Daily Face SPF 50+ £20.99/75g

We loved Daily Face from SunSense, which not only delivers a whopping SPF50+ (it’s the closest thing to sunblock for the face) but has a very slight tint and a clever matte finish. It’s not makeup, but does leave your face and neck looking even and shine-free. The perfect balance for times when you want to go running but care (just a tiny bit!) about how you look. You won’t look like you’ve got makeup on, but your skin will look even and slightly matte. Daily Face has an oil-free base and contains Vitamin E and 3% niacinamide, to help improve the appearance of skin tone.  www.sunsense.co.uk

Physicool Rapid Relief Cooling Spray £9.99/125mls

For instant relief from overheating, prickly heat, swollen legs and ankles, and general feelings of being “hot and bothered”, keep this cooling spray from Physicool in your kit bag. It’s brand-new (we were excited to try it) and is backed by clinical research. Using a patented rapid evaporation technology, it keeps you cool whilst you’re running and will instantly cool you down afterwards too. Just one spray will keep you cool for over an hour (the rapid evaporation technology evaporates heat away from the skin). It smells very minty, and contains aloe vera to soothe redness. It even works on mild sunburn and insect bites (perfect for outdoor runs in this weather!) http://physicool.com/

Brush On Block full coverage mineral sunscreen (SPF 30) £23

What a great idea! If you like giving your skin a little bit of coverage along with sunscreen, this brush on mineral powder will hit the spot. Unlike most facial sun protection, this is actually a tinted mineral powder with broad spectrum SPF 30 to protect whilst evening out your skin tone. Maybe not something you care about whilst running, but a great extra to pack in your post-race bag or kit bag. The powder brushes on with no fuss and no mess (it’s stored at the bottom of the container – just flick or tap the brush to load it up with powder). It’s very light, but gives a noticeable skin-smoothing effect. The sun protection comes from naturally-occuring active ingredients titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, and there are skin-friendly extras in there too: green tea leaf extract (an antioxidant), safflower seed oil (to moisturise), chamomile extract and honeysuckle (to minimise irritation). We recommend one of these in your running kit bag or handbag for Summer months! www.effortlessskin.com

Secret Training’s “STRIP” kit sunscreen (SPF 30) £5.99/25ml

Secret Training’s products have been developed by an elite athlete who totally understands what runners need from suncare. Tim Lawson, European Champion track cyclist, designed this range of portable products for sports people who need quick-grab items for before training and racing (or even whilst on the move!) From a range which includes post-race wash and lip-balm, we tried the SPF30 sunscreen which comes in a dinky 25ml pump activated cylinder. You could easily carry this with you whilst running (it’s more compact than some energy gels!) The sunscreen is white, but absorbs very quickly to be touch dry. Once on, it’s clear, non-sticky and smells fruity and fresh. A great little sunscreen to add to your on-the-go running kit. www.secret-training.cc

Ultrasun Sports anti-sweat gel (SPF20) £16/125ml

This transparent sun protection gel from Ultrasun is ideal if you prefer not to use a spray. The gel is totally transparent, odourless, and thick enough to apply without drips. Once on, it absorbs quickly without any stickiness. You’ll be able to set off on your run without delay. It’s SPF 20, which should be plenty unless you’re running for a particularly long time in the middle of the day, or you’re very fair skinned. Both are available in various sizes from http://ultrasun.co.uk/ or from Boots, John Lewis, Waitrose, QVC and other stores.

Ultrasun Sports spray (SPF 30) £26/125ml

Alternatively, you could try Ultrasun’s transparent sun protection spray. This one offers a bit more protection – SPF30 – and, just like the gel, is transparent and practically odourless. It sprays evenly and accurately and just needs a light patting motion to apply. It absorbs really quickly and doesn’t leave any kind of residue. Ideal for longer training runs or races during the Summer.

Both Ultrasun products are designed to be applied once a day (ideal for runners) and won’t stain. They’re sweat resistant (a must!) and we were pleased to note it doesn’t contain any nasty mineral oils, emulsifiers or perfume, either. Both are available in various sizes from http://ultrasun.co.uk/ or from Boots, John Lewis, Waitrose, QVC and other stores.

Nature’s Best Colladeen Visage £18.95/60 tablets (2 tablets a day)

Now, here’s something a little different. How about giving your skin sun protection from the inside out? Colladeen Visage tablets from sports nutrition people Nature’s Best deliver SPF 15 when taken daily for 10-12 weeks. It could be just the thing for you if you want the safeguard of ongoing sun protection, so you can nip out without having to find and apply topical suncream. Colladeen Visage combines natural plant extracts high in lutein and anthocyanidins to deliver SPF 15 (but you must take it daily for at least 8 weeks). As well as SPF, this product supports skin’s structure, and could even reduce skin damage including wrinkles and spider veins. We haven’t been taking it long enough to comment on its efficacy, but it’s backed by a clinical study. www.naturesbest.co.uk

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