Blisterproof™ prevention is better than cure™

Blisterproof™ prevention is better than cure™


Blisterproof™ is a new revolutionary product designed to prevent blisters from occurring.
Australian owned and designed, this adhesive fabric acts like a second skin, preventing friction, which is the main cause of blisters.

Blisterproof™ is an adhesive fabric that acts like a second skin, preventing friction/rubbing, which in turn prevents blisters. Blisters are most commonly caused by new shoes/boots, or even new socks rubbing on heels, soles and under toes.

Current products on the market do not wear well, moving and scrunching as they become damp with sweat.
The Blisterproof™ key lies in the shapes, moulded to fit various susceptible parts of the body. The shapes are designed to fit heels, feet, toes, hands.

Blisterpoof™ is ideal for anyone prone to blisters, including athletes, heavy-booted tradesmen and school children, as well as members of the armed forces. It can even be used by models, and dancers, whilst wearing high heels.

With thousands of packs already sold in Australia, the good news is that Blisterproof™ is now available in the UK and Europe

Blisterproof™ is for everyone.

Available now from Blisterproof 


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