activbod – skincare range

activbod – skincare range

For those of us that love exercising but struggle with the toll it takes on our bodies (sweat patches, flushed faces, sore derrieres and burning muscles to name a few) there’s a new skin and body care range about to go on sale, designed to encourage a more active lifestyle, prepare the body for exercise and help it recover more quickly.

activbod, which is on sale at Boots (www.boots.com) now, is a range of six gender-free products with ground-breaking formulations to help the body pre and post-exercise, including skin coolers, muscle warmers and anti-redness treatments which area first for the mainstream skincare market and carry a price tag far more affordable than their expensive spa brand counterparts.

Developed by skin and sports experts, the inspiration for the range came from the millions of people who, motivated by London 2012, have taken up a new sport or exercise regime in a bid to get more active. The range is suitable for everyone,from regular and occasional gym goers to ‘weekend warriors’ and trained athletes. The range even includes a mood-boosting balm to get both fitness-phobes and people who are dedicated athletes in the zone.

The team behind it, many of them keen sportspeople and fitness enthusiasts, researched the effects of exercise on skin and, based on their own experiences, developed the range to cope with the common stresses the body experiences during physical exertion. Exposure to the elements robs skin of vital moisture, and heat and sweat can make skin sore and dry, bringing toxins, salts and acids to the skin’s surface which also affect its delicate pH balance.

activbod combines the science of skincare with natural ingredients and the unique needs of sports and exercise enthusiasts. Formulated with therapeutic fragrances and ingredients for skin protection, perspiration and body odour control, plus cooling and warming agents to help prepare muscles and aid their recovery, the range is like having your own personal sports physio, but in your kit bag and available to use wherever and whenever you need.
No cosmetic will radically change the skin’s behaviour but what the activbod founders have achieved and tirelessly researched and developed is a revolutionary range of products to radically improve the comfort and wellbeing of the people using them.
Portable in lightweight tubes which makes for smaller, travel-friendly packaging, activbod keeps sports bags light; plus everything is made in England, is MIT/MI and paraben-free, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Most of the range can also be used during pregnancy and by children over three years old.
The founders of activbod are all passionate about exercise and are on a mission to get Britain moving in 2015, with their ‘#ibothered’ campaign and their support of The Women’s Sport Trust; 10 per cent of net profits from activbod sales will be used by the charity for projects that will bring parity to women’s sport including increasing the profile of female sporting role models.

The activbod range has two signature fragrances– a relax, warm and ease tension blend with core notes of rosemary and ginger and a refresh, revitalise and awaken blend with key notes of pepper, eucalyptus and lemon.

mind over matter 6g £5: When the will to exercise is there but the resolve is crumbling (or the chocolate is calling) this stimulating and motivating balm will focus the mind and get you back on track. Delivering an explosion of moodboosting essential oils, this unique hard balm stick is 100% natural and its fresh, herby blend and pick-me-up fragrance is packed with spearmint, galbanum, peppermint, patchouli, armoise, clary sage, thyme absolute, thyme oil, bergamot, cedarwood to clear the respiratory tract, free the mind and get you in the mood to exercise. Ritualistically using mind over matter can remind you subconsciously of what it is you need to do succeed, helping you to perform at your very best.
Keep it in kit bags, handbags, desk drawers or pockets for on the spot mental clarity. Apply to wrists, temples and neck, inhale deeply and feel reinvigorated. Not for use in pregnancy. Active ingredients: Rosemary,
Peppermint, Bergamot and Cedarwood essential oils, Clary Safe Leaf Oil, Shea Butter, Almond Oil PEG,Esters, Wheat Germ Oil.

turn up the heat roller gel 50ml £12: Preparing and looking after your body is key when increasing activity levels. This highly effective, warming muscle gel is the first of its kind to hit the high street, and the perfect portable for daily strains like shoulder and neck stiffness. Its warming rosemary and ginger fragrance contains no camphor and the unique rollerball packaging allows for hands free application – great for anyone who needs clean, dry and non-greasy hands. Soothing and nourishing, it’s also anti-inflammatory and helps to stimulate circulation.
Use the gel before exercise to warm up muscles and help avoid strains, and after exercise to ease post-work out muscle tension. To intensify the warming effect, apply a small amount of water to skin where the product has been applied. Active ingredients: Vanillyl Butyl Ether, Arnica Montana Flower Extract, Allantoin, Wheat Germ Oil.


game changer face scrub 75ml £7: The first anti-redness scrub to deal with the most unwanted side effect of exercise – a patchy, blotchy ‘I’ve overdone it’ red face. To combat the problem, use this gentle, stimulating scrub to cleanse, refresh and nourish the face. It will gently smooth away dirt and perspiration to keep pores clear, help to reduce redness and restore normal skin tone, whilst also moisturising, cleansing and cooling.

Active ingredients: Allantoin, Salicylic Acid, Disodium LauriminodipropionateTocopheryl Phosphates , Sweet Almond Oil, Guava Fruit Extract.




feel great shower concentrate 100ml £5: Use after sports and exercise to deeply cleanse, refresh and nourish skin. Its stimulating fragrance restores body and mind, removes dirt and perspiration, nourishes skin and deodorises. The concentrated formulation is an industry first – a small, lightweight tube with double the washes that’s easy to transport and has a handy flip top.

Active ingredients: Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract, Almond Oil PEG-8 Esters, Maris Sal (Sea Salt), Glycerin.





pick me up scrub 100ml £8: A hard-working, deep cleansing body scrub to rid the body of dirt and perspiration which can cause pores to clog. Use after sports and exercise to keep pores clean, stimulate the circulation with is micro-scrubbing particles and leave skin looking clear and feeling fresh. Works wonders cutting through bike oil, grease and tough mud. Active ingredients: Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract, Glycerin, Salicylic Acid , Polyethylene.





cooling finishing lotion 100ml £12: Bodies often stay hot and continue to sweat after swimming and exercise but skin needs to replenish vital moisture lost during physical exertion. Applying normal moisturiser can leave skin feeling tacky,
sticky and even sweatier. This cooling, anti-inflammatory moisturisersolves the problem. It absorbs quickly, cools and soothes post-workout muscles, contains deodoriser for effective body odour control, energises with a stimulating fragrance to restore body & mind and delivers nourishing, non-sticky protection in a handy flip top andlightweight portable tube. Active ingredients: Biosaccharide Gum-4, Allantoin, Citronellyl Methylcrotonate, Menthol, Tocopheryl Acetate.


activbod is available now in Boots stores nationwide and is also available online from
www.boots.com and www.activbod.co.uk 


Running4Women Members review these products:
Mind Over Matter balm – Used by a small group of ladies at my local gym while taking part in a new exercise class we all rubbing a little on our pulse points and we all found it to be invigorating which was a real up lifter and definitely helped us concentrate on the job in hand. The fragrance is very soothing.

Feel Great Shower Concentrate – A handy sized tube ideal for packing in you gym bag, this gel like product only required a small amount. Was excellent for a post work out pick me up, smell was refreshing, and felt very nourishing on my skin.

Pick Me up Scrub and Game Changer Face Scrub – I exercise indoors and outdoors and my face often feels dry and grimy. I also suffer from small cists on my cheeks, these are caused by some creams (too thick), grease not being absorbed by my skin. I have been using the two varieties of scrubs for two weeks now. When I started using the Pick Me up Scrub and Game Changer Face Scrub I noticed a change straight away. My skin felt really smooth. My cists have reduced in size and numbers, I can see and feel a huge difference. I use the daily scrub every morning and after exercise use the smaller scrub. They also smell incredible, like a spa treatment. I like the fact they are designed specifically for post exercise, I have never seen a product like this before that specialises in women who exercise. Now I would like to see a specific face cream to deal with all the elements of indoor and outdoor exercise.

Cooling Finishing Lotion – It took a couple of minutes to work but this lotion was super cooling and felt really soothing on tired muscles, I could really feel it getting deep into the muscles after a good workout at the gym it was just what I needed. It also has a lovely refreshing scent too.

Turn up the heat roller gel – I passed this product on to my husband who has an injury to his calf muscle he said it was one of the best heating muscle products he has used. He used it straight after a shower and found within minutes it had started the warming process getting right through to his sore calf which was a great relief. It’s an easy and convenient way of applying.

Running4Women would recommend the Activbod range to all exercise enthusiasts no matter whether you do a run, go to the gym or cycle everywhere, these products are for you. Score 5/5 

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