The SL Cool Towel (By Sutchy & Lau)

The SL Cool Towel (By Sutchy & Lau)

The SL Cool Towel (By Sutchy & Lau) is a premium quality double layer cooling towel that effectively absorbs sweat when dry and when wet can provide instant cooling relief when you get hot. Perfect for sports activities and exercise, physical work, holidays and hot sunny days, cooling pets, fever, hot flushes & headache therapy, heatstroke prevention and sunscreen protection.

To activate the towels cooling properties simply wet it, wring it out, then shake it. (be sure to stretch the fabric so air passes through the tiny holes in the fabric which kick starts the evaporative cooling process)

Then as if by magic the towel will drop 20-30 degrees below current air temperature providing you with instant cooling relief.

The towel can stay cool for up to 2 hours (depending on humidity and air temp)

To reactivate simple repeat.

(DEMO: A good demo of the towels cooling ability is to wet it with hot water so you can see how fast it cools once activated)

Main Features:

  • USAGE: Use dry to absorb perspiration or wet to cool.
  • TO ACTIVATE: Simply wet it, wring it out, then shake it. In just 5-20 seconds the air that passes through the tiny holes will kick start the evaporative cooling process making your towel icy cold for up to 2 hours. (It should feel cold not dripping wet)
  • VERSATILE: Our cool towel can be used in so many ways. Wear it as a Bandana, a scarf or wrap it around overheating muscles. For maximum effect focus on body parts that lose the most heat like the head, chest and armpits.
  • STORAGE: Our cooling towels come in a handy ziplock bag making it easy storage. You can also pre-wet and store to use later.
  • QUALITY UK BRAND: We pride ourselves on the quality of our product’s so our cooling towels use quality fabrics and not cheap bamboo. Our towels are double layered, chemical free, stay cooler for longer, feel much softer on your skin and the colours won’t run. Perfect for fitness, sports or any exercise or activity that gets you hot.
  • REUSABLE: Our towels are machine washable so you can use over and over again. Its cooling properties don’t wash out.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you are ever unhappy with your cool towel, send it back for a full refund of your purchase price.


We love to see how are towels are used so regularly post customer pics on our social channels. You’ll see everyone from GB athletes to children using them in a variety of ways.

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To order online visit https://slcooltowel.com (FREE UK AND WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!)

Review by Running4Women –

Very soft and good quality cooling towel. Easy to use, very effective & great to use in hot weather and for all types of sport, including running or any gym classes. Keeps cool for ages and the carry pouch it comes with is really handy

I have been using mine whilst taking part in Spinning Bootcamp sessions at the gym, it is just perfect for keeping you cool, I use mine around my shoulders it doesn’t stick to the body, just does what it says keeps you cool. Would highly recommend.


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