Get To Know Our Race Ambassadors

Get To Know Our Race Ambassadors

Get to know our Race Ambassadors – We asked our Race Ambassadors Five Quick Fire Questions –

Today is the turn of Catherine


  1. What 3 words best describe your experience of the Windsor Women’s 10k?

Community, stunning, PB


  1. What can you not live without on race day?

I need a good bowl of porridge to start the day and wouldn’t be without my trusty @spibelt to hold my bits and bobs.


  1. What’s your favourite song to train to?

I listen to classical music when running. I love 2cellos and had Zadok the Priest blasting as I ran towards the castle last year (the piece they play during the coronation). Very atmospheric!


  1. What is your favourite thing about running?

 I love that it’s my little headspace. I wouldn’t be able to get through the coming weeks of isolation without it.


  1. What’s your running moto?

My running club has the motto ‘we’re a drinking group with a running problem’ 

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