Training Tips For Your First 10km Race

Training Tips For Your First 10km Race

You’ve entered your first 10km race. It’s time to step up the running training to tackle the distance and pace.

Consult Your Calendar

How many weeks do you have left until your 10km race? You can’t make a realistic training plan without working backwards from the race date. So get your calendar out, sit down, and formulate a plan.

Make A Plan

Your training plan should include your long runs, speedwork, track sessions (if you do them – and we recommend you do if possible), recovery runs, rest days, cross training and – if possible – maintenance work like sports massages, stretching, and appointments with your foam roller!

Up Your Distance…

If it’s been a while since you’ve run 10km, or if this will be your first 10km race, you’re going to need to build up to the distance just as you would with any race distance. 10km might only be a little over 6 miles, but it’s not a distance to be sniffed at!

… But Build In Time To Back Off

Don’t’ forget to build in recovery time to your training plan. If you’ve got a long enough, it’s a great idea to incorporate a deload week. And you’ll need to plan in some kind of taper approaching the race (although everyone’s individual training will differ).

Need For Speed

Training for a 10km race should definitely include some speedwork. Sprints, intervals, track sessions, fartlek and faster-paced runs will all enable you to tackle the race distance itself at a higher pace than your regular steady or long run pace. You should aim to run a 10km race faster than you would run a 10km split within a longer race such as a half-marathon.

Make It Specific

Do a bit of research and find out about the terrain and route of your 10km race. Is it hilly, full of twists and turns, an out-and-back course? Will it be exposed and sunny? Bear all these things in mind and adapt your training to help you tackle them so you’re prepared on the day of the race.

Do you enjoy racing the 10km distance? Are you about to tackle your very first 10km race? Don’t forget to let us know how you get on!


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