The New Polar FT2 and FT1 Training Computers

The New Polar FT2 and FT1 Training Computers


Polar, global leaders in heart rate training technology, continue to inspire new fitness enthusiasts with innovative training computers and performance technology. And following the hugely successful launch of the FT7 and FT4 monitors at the end of 2009, Polar are now ready to unveil the revolutionary Polar FT2 and FT1 models.

The Polar FT2 and FT1 are ideal training computers for recreational exercisers and they have been specifically designed for those who want an easy start to fitness. Both models (worn as watches) come with a new touch and feel and the attractive, sophisticated designs are sure to entice new, active users.

The FT2 and FT1 come equipped with all the basic heart rate features and above all else, they are geared to helping exercisers understand their bodies better. All training data is shown on a large and easy-to-read display with big digits you cannot miss. With one-button functionality as well, the FT2 and FT1 really are the simplest training computers from the Polar family.

The FT2 and FT1 are perfect for the first step into heart rate based training. The heart rate target zone has a visual and audible alarm and is designed to help users to improve their overall fitness levels. In addition, a backlight makes training that little bit easier and a HeartTouch feature offers convenient button-free operation during your session. And what’s more, the FT2 and FT1 will display a summary of your workout after exercise, so you can see the improvements you are making and get extra motivation along the way.

Both new training computers come with the Polar T31 coded transmitter that measures the heart rate and transmits it to the training computer. Each transmitter is individually coded to ensure that the training computer picks up the correct heart rate, eliminating any cross-over during group exercise or when there are several training computers in the same area.

“Polar FT2 and FT1 are perfect for those who want just the basic heart rate measurement,” says Liz Shenton, Performance and Education Manager for Polar Electro UK. “With our new training computers we wanted to give recreational exercisers an easy start. It couldn’t get any simpler than seeing your heart rate on big digits and having one-button to press.”

On sale through authorized Polar retailers from May 2010, the FT2 and FT1 will be available in black. All sets include the T31 coded transmitter and a quick guide. FT2  £54.50 includes… – FT2 training computer – T31 coded transmitter – getting started guide – e-manual at support.polar.fi

FT1  £47.50 includes… – FT1 training computer – T31 coded transmitter – getting started guide – e-manual at support.polar.fi

The Polar FT2 heart rate monitor is ideal for the user who needs just real time heart rate with the addition of time of day and coded transmission to avoid crosstalk. The Polar FT2 is simple to use and has a very clear, easy to read display. The Polar FT1 is a replacement heart rate monitor of the popular Polar FS2C. With similar essential features and modern styling this new Polar heart rate monitor is guaranteed to be VERY POPULAR.

Product Review – Polar FT1 – by Jess R4W member


Great bit of kit. Easy to use and has all that is required for your monitoring needs. Display is big and clear and easy to understand.

The strap seems fairly durable and the transmitter belt works well with equipment in gyms.

This is an excellent basic HR monitor. Easy to use, light weight and functional.

Very good model at an excellent price

Available from www.polarelectro.co.uk and the RRP is £47.50.

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