fitness fx Review

fitness fx Review

fitness fx offers a range of cutting-edge exercise programmes designed to accelerate fat loss and maximize fitness gains, which are developed and presented by a team of the world’s leading fitness educators. 


Running4Women Staff tried out the Groove fx workout and this is what they thought.

groove fx is a stylised low impact aerobic workout that captures the essence of dance, combines it with fun and delivers real fitness results.

This is a DVD of the type of workout/class that you would get at the gym.

There are ten tracks and there’s a timer that counts down so you can see how long you’ve got left. Plenty of choices and the routines are really enjoyable. Proper instructor, proper dance music and proper moves. The instructor give out clear instructions all the way through and they ensure you keep going with no irritating comments. We all felt like we had a great workout. 

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About fitness fx

fitness fx are about to launch their latest range of DVDs v13.1, which also includes their new T3 feature – an abbreviation of Train Track Transform – a 30 minute, high intensity, training session. These pre-designed exercise sequences are not choreographed and can be performed with or without music on the gym floor or at home.

Their programmes are:

Pump fx

Progressive resistance training using a bar and weight plates to deliver functional,  multi-plane movement and total-body results

Stomp fx

Multi-peak athletic programming with a step formulated for maximum calorie burn and fitness improvements.

Blast fx

Intense, bodyweight-only conditioning routines created to shred fat and boost  fitness…fast

Jump fx

Explosive metabolic training designed to accelerate fat loss and maximise fitness gains

Fight fx

Martial arts-inspired fight sequences and conditioning drills devised to strip fat and amplify power, co-ordination and confidence

Groove fx

High energy aerobic routines with easy-to-achieve dance styling choreographed for fun, fitness and fat loss

Watch a preview of the DVD’s here 



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