Yurbuds Sports Earphones – Product Review

Yurbuds Sports Earphones – Product Review

Yurbuds – the only earphone endorsed by Ironman

 America’s market leader, yurbuds®, maker of the sport earphones guaranteed not to fall out and pioneers of the patented TwistLock™ technology, has launched its award winning ranges across the UK.  Each yurbuds earphone model is designed to contour to the human ear for perfect comfort ergonomics and premium sound quality, even while in motion. The ultimate training accessory, yurbuds are sweat proof, water resistant and provide ambient noise protection allowing outside sounds to be better heard.


When in training, athletes often turn to their music to drive themselves forward; yurbuds are committed to motivating and inspiring all fitness enthusiasts through their earphones. Constantly evolving to meet the needs of every customer, from the endurance athlete to the more casual user, yurbuds understand that no two ears are the same prompting the company to launch their top ranges in UK, experience the soft silicone and twist-lock technology to ensure a pitch perfect run without the worry of your earphones falling out or hurting, from £29.99 choose from the world-class yurbuds ranges: Inspire, Inspire Pro, Inspire Talk, Inspire Duro, Focus, Focus Pro and the Personalized Series, sized in-store to provide a perfect fit for each individual.


Available from www.sweatshop.co.uk and www.altonsports.co.uk  

They are by far the best fitness gadget of 2013!


Product Review Yurbuds Sports Earphones – Stef – R4W Forum Member

Sound quality is great for my needs; I’m not a music/sound expert but these let me enjoy my music while I am out for a run. Great product. Sound quality is good.  After I read the instructions on how to properly fit the headphones they were great. Once in place these ear buds did not come out even under a lot of vibration and movement. They fit in your ears very securely due to their “locking” mechanism. They slide into your ears as most earbuds do, but then by rotating them downwards, they seem to lock in place. Very ingenious!

I can honestly say they really don’t fall out! Sound is great for an in ear headphone. Great buy. Score 4/5



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