Best Headphones For Female Runners

Best Headphones For Female Runners

Do you wear headphones when you run? We don’t always advise it, but there are times when music and running go together.  Here’s our round-up of the best new headphones for running.

Sick of earphones which fall out, get tangled in the bottom of your bag, or deliver rubbish quality sound? Or want to invest in a new pair of headphones?  Here are 5 pairs to suit every style, which will give you great-quality sounds for many years of running, gym training and every day use.

When not to wear headphones?

Bear in mind a few safety – and etiquette – tips when choosing to wear headphones for running. We strongly suggest you do not run with headphones if:

– you are running in the dark or in low light

– you are running alone

– you’re unsure of your route or on a new running route

– you are doing a race!

Please don’t wear headphones whilst running a race, even if the race organiser hasn’t specifically ruled against it.

Plantronics BackBeat FIT

The new BackBeat FIT from tech gurus Plantronics are wireless, flexible and super-light. With all the quality you’d expect from Plantronics kit, they are ideal for runners, being sweat proof and even featuring reflective materials to help you be seen. The sound is great, but you can still hear background noise which is comforting if you worry about running with music in your ears. Available in two bright colours, and you get a matching armband/carry case with the headphones. We found them very comfortable, a great in-ear fit, and virtually impossible to dislodge whilst on the run! These wireless headphones offer up to 8 hours between charges. http://www.plantronics.com/uk/product/backbeat-fit £99.95



Jam Fusion Buds

Also in the wireless, bluetooth style are these earbuds from Jam Fusion. The earbuds sit in your ear but also feature ear hooks to keep the buds secure. All the controls you need are on the earbuds themselves, making it very easy to control your music as you run. The earbuds are sweat resistant, available in two colours and three sizes (very handy!) The earbuds connect to Bluetooth devices wirelessly and will last around 4 hours between charges. They come ready-charged, so if you want to head out for a run on Christmas Day you’ll be able to unwrap them, plug them in, and go!
uk.jamaudio.com  £49.99


Monster iSport

The neon pink version of these earbud earphones are helping to raise funds for Breast Cancer Care, with £5 from each sale of the pink version going to the charity. The sound quality is fantastic but, crucially for runners, the earbuds allow background noise in too so you are always aware of your surroundings. The patented design enables you to create a custom fit so the earbuds are extra secure.

http://shopmonsterproducts.co.uk/ and John Lewis £79.95



Jam Transit Bluetooth Headphones

If you prefer headphones that go over your head, try the new Jam Transit headphones which work wirelessly via Bluetooth but feature the more traditional headband style. They’re light and comfortable, and seem well-designed for women’s head size (the headband is adjustable and the earphones aren’t huge). You’ll get great sound quality and a very secure fit, but no hassle from wires and cords whilst you run (and nothing to get tangled up in your kit bag, either!) The controls are easy to use on the go, and the rechargeable battery will last for around 6 hours. uk.jamaudio.com and HMV  £59.99





Urbanz Sportz

If you don’t like wireless, but headbands cramp your style, you might just love these Sportz in-ear earphones form Urbanz. They fit round the back of your neck for a secure but unobtrusive design which won’t get in the way whether you’re running or in the gym. The earbuds are angled to be extra-secure, and the neck band is light and very comfortable. We wore these with and without a hat (we tried them with a beanie hat and a peaked cap) and the neckband fits just fine either way! And, because they’re not wireless, they cut down on the tech, so represent a truly affordable option (ideal as a stocking filler!) http://www.cywbyurbanz.com/sportz-running-headphones-blue.html £9.99

yurbuds Inspire 400 for Women

We love these earbud style earphones, specifically designed for women. They’re not wireless, so you do have the traditional cord to contend with, but the sound quality is far superior to any other wired earbud style we’ve tried before, so we can put up with the cord! Soft, hygienic covers on the earbuds make for a comfortable experience and the controls are situated on the cord, so no fumbling about is needed whilst you’re running. Despite being earbuds and on cords, these really do stay put whilst you’re on the go. www.yurbuds.co.uk £44.99

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