Mizuno – Lady Wave Rider 14

Mizuno – Lady Wave Rider 14

The new Wave Rider 14 is ideal for all distance runners and is very durable. Now being designed specifically for the female runner the technology is even more advanced making for a top of the range neutral trainer.

Mizuno use Wave technology to absorb shock and guide foot through gait cycle. The wave compresses between the midsole units providing fantastic shock absorption at heel strike. This shoe is both cushioned and comfortable and is designed using Mizuno’s new Gender Specific Engineering

  • Mizuno’s Wave Rider 14 offers incredibly slick transition and ride, now with improved fit and cushioning.
  • The New Rider 14 features Mizuno’s revolutionary New Midsole material. Lighter weight with increased cushioning durability. AP+ (Acceleration Polymer) only losses 20% of its cushioning after 600km.
  • All Midsoles have a mileage as over time the material compresses. Mizuno’s new AP+ Midsole takes longer to compress, therefore staying more cushioned for longer.
  • In summary the AP+ Midsole provides a lighter more cushioned trainer for longer.
  • Unparalleled fit and feel combined with more cushioning makes the Wave Rider 14 a classic neutral running trainer.
  • Mizuno research into Biomechanical differences in gender has resulted in the Wave Rider 14 being perfectly set up for a females running Gait.
  • New Upper overlays provide fantastic fit and comfort.
  • Smoothride technology provides cushioned and responsive ride while Dynamotion fit provides the optimum heel fit.
  • Neutral wave cushioning combined with VS1 cushioning pad provide highly effective cushioning at heel strike.
  • Features removable ortholite sockliner designed to compliment the cushioning in the trainer whilst remaining lightweight.


PRODUCT REVIEW – MIZUNO Lady Wave Rider 14 – by Andrea R4W forum member

Cushioning –  The cushioning feels like quite a firm pressure  directly under the heel which I found comfortable but it may not suit people who have had heel problems such as plantar fasciitis. Score 4/5

Comfort – Very light feeling shoe that fits snugly either side of the ankle and feels as though it is supporting the whole foot. Score 5/5

Grip/Responsiveness – Responsiveness overall is good and the shoe does not feel at all flat or heavy on the foot. The grip felt slightly ‘slippy’ and loose on challenging ground, eg drain covers /wet leaves. Score 3/5

Stability – Particularly good at rear of the foot with no slipping around the heel and the ankle feels well supported.  Quite a light touch/hold around the toes and under the ball of the foot which is very comfortable. Score 4/5

OVERALL – Overall this shoe is extremely comfortable and supportive.  The lightness of this shoe on the foot is a distinct advantage in the gym, but it does not feel so robust outside and may not suit heavy duty/winter use.  I found my feet became rather hot when working inside. Score 4/5


Available from Sportsshoes.com

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