A mystery, something that defies understanding and cannot be explained, an Enigma remains one of nature’s great secrets.  And after months of keeping their cards close to their chest, Mizuno are ready to unravel the mystery surrounding their latest technological masterpiece, the Wave Enigma. 

Available in store from July, the Wave Enigma is a new neutral shoe that indulges the runner with a sumptuously cushioned running sensation. The result of carefully combined technologies working in unison with the highest grade materials, Mizuno have created a shoe that provides runners with something unexplainable. Never before has a technical running shoe delivered such a smooth and sensuous ride – a true Enigma.

Designed to give an ultra-dynamic transitional ride from heel impact to toe off, the designers at Mizuno’s Japanese headquarters have worked tirelessly to deliver a shoe that promises to astound the wearer every step of the way.

The new Smoothride system with forefoot flex control minimises the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the foot, ensuring a silky smooth transition, whilst VS1, AP+ premium midsole polymer and a blown rubber forefoot work in unison to cushion and give back a bouncy response.  It’s the sum of all these technologies, combined with an integrated full length Parallel Wave plate that cushions, stabilises and transitions in one smooth movement that delivers a luxurious harmonious ride. 

Finally, enhanced fitting technology ‘Dynamotion fit’, with a stretch mesh toe box and a combination of silky soft micro suede and supple polyurethane panels hold the foot with just the right combination of softness and support, enabling the shoe to move in accord with your natural movement.

Somehow the Enigma delivers an experience greater than the sum of its technologies. This shoe really does push the boundaries of design and defies explanation, leaving the wearer wondering how these technologies combine to provide such a unique, luxurious ride – Something that can only be explained by running in it.

A completely new luxurious neutral cushioned shoe, Wave Enigma is perfect for the runner who seeks a plush, sensuous ride. The shoe features a full length Parallel Wave plate with AP+ premium midsole polymer and a blown rubber forefoot, providing the all important stability, support and cushioning that Mizuno products have become famous for. The Wave Enigma’s SmoothRide technology and flex control system minimises the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the foot during transition, therefore creating the smoothest ride possible.

The Wave Enigma upper features the enhanced fit technology ‘Dynamotion fit’, with a stretch mesh vamp and a combination of soft and firmer materials that hold the foot with just the right combination of softness and support throughout the gait cycle. The result is a shoe that really pushes the design boundaries and delivers a silky smooth combination of Mizuno’s renowned transition with a luxurious cushioned ride.

PRODUCT REVIEW – Mizuno Wave Enigma – By Jill R4W Forum member

CUSHIONING – I expected the shoe to feel hard underfoot while I was running but was very pleased at the amount of cushioning the shoe gave. Score 4/5

COMFORT – The shoe felt really comfortable, despite the fact that there feels like there is a lump under the outside of my left foot (by the ball of my foot)  When running it isn’t noticeable. Score 4/5

GRIP/RESPONSIVENESS – I was very surprised at how responsive the shoe felt.  It was much better than I anticipated. Score 5/5

SUITABILITY –  Score 4/5

OVERALL – I would certainly buy this shoe, when I wanted to replace my existing running shoes. Score 4/5

Available  from Mizuno

 RRP: £105

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