Latest Women’s Running Kit

Latest Women’s Running Kit

Winter running kit needs to keep you warm, comfortable and safe! Check out these great new bits of top to toe Winter running kit – be stylish – be seen!


Staying warm for outdoor Winter running starts with great base layers and ends with your extremities.

Base layers

We like Uniqlo’s new range of extra-warm long-sleeved tops and leggings which make fantastic base layers. The fabric has little air pockets which trap warmth, but the garments are thin and breathable. Best of all, they’re really well priced (from just £9.90). http://www.uniqlo.com/uk/store/feature/uq/heattech/women/

Luxe hoodie

Add this to your Christmas list! BoomBoom Athletica founder (she’s an ultra-marathon runner) has designed a range of gorgeous luxe sportswear for women and we love this long, fitted hoodie. It’s ideal for wearing to and from the gym or running club, and could easily be used as a stylish Winter coat when you’re not running. It’s that pretty! (£130.00) http://www.boomboomathletica.com/

Good gloves are a god-send on even the mildest Winter days. Keep your fingers warm and the rest of you will be happy. We love Helly Hansen’s Smartgloves from the masters of outdoor running kit. They’re a great fit and very comfy, with a neoprene cuff to keep out bad weather, and “smart fingertips” so you can use your smartphone or touchscreen without taking the gloves off. (We’ve got them in pink but they’re also available in black.) (£35.00) http://shop.hellyhansen.com/gb/item/softshell-smartglove-68057

At the other end of the price spectrum, these NSC Winter gloves are a steal at just £3.99, comfortable and flexible, with reflective piping. A great all-round option which you could also use for dog walking or cycling. (£3.99) http://www.discount-supplements.co.uk/training-accessories-cycling-nsc-winter-cycling-gloves-pair

Be Seen

You really can’t get more visible than by wearing the women’s running jacket from Proviz. This comfortable, lightweight jacket has all the design aspects you want from a running jacket (easy zips, lots of pockets, good fit and comfortable cuffs and neck) but wow is it reflective! Proviz’s groundbreaking Reflect360 range uses a world first 100% reflective outer shell which has thousands of glass beads woven in to it. Under normal light, it’s a pretty pearl/grey but when a beam of light is shone on it (from a torch… or car headlights) it turns brilliant white. (£79.99) http://www.provizsports.com/en_gb/

If you’d rather wear your regular running jacket or long-sleeved top, add a Helly Hansen Viz Vest over the top. This small, fitted high-vis mesh vest fits is designed so you can be seen without adding an extra layer to your kit. Reflective strips on the front and back mean you’ll be seen from all angles, and the neat female-form design means you won’t be swamped by a flapping bit of kit! Available in yellow or pink. (£25.00) http://shop.hellyhansen.com/gb/item/w-hh-viz-vest-49240

For milder runs, be seen in this bright and gorgeous Puma long sleeved top. It’s thin but warm, so can be used as a top layer (which will help with visibility) or as a mid-layer (it doesn’t add too much bulk). Beautifully designed for women’s bodies, with nice reflective detail on the sleeves and piping. (£39.99) http://www.runnersneed.com/puma-womens-powerwarm-long-sleeve/puma-tops/running-specialists/fcp-product/9098

Be Comfortable

You can rely on Shock Absorber’s famous “Run” bra to deliver, and the new range doesn’t disappoint. Perfect if you like purple (the predominant colour of the range), and it does actually include a reflective strip although we highly doubt you’ll be running outside in the dark in just your bra! A great base layer to keep your comfortable and supported. (£40) from asos.com, Next or Debenhams.

Shoes are a very personal choice but the new Puma Ignite are light, comfortable, and will help you be seen! They’re a bright coral colour with reflective detailing, helping keep you visible in low light conditions. Designed to be very lightweight with excellent cushioning, they’re a great choice for more neutral gaits. (£89.99) http://www.runnersneed.com/puma-womens-ignite-pwrwarm/puma-shoes-road-running/running-specialists/fcp-product/8985

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