How To Dress For Running In “In-Between” Weather

How To Dress For Running In “In-Between” Weather

Is it Winter or Spring? In-between times of year need a smart approach to running clothing.

Why Should Women Invest In Base Layers For “In-Between” Weather?

Base layers are extremely versatile pieces of kit, ideal for days when you’re not sure what the weather will throw at you. Matt Davey from CEP Sports http://www.cepsports.co.uk gave us some key advice for running base layers.

“Sometimes a light, technical t-shirt is not enough on an open, hilly run,” he said. “And likewise a big thermal jacket won’t keep out annoying drafts on a windy day. A base layer is the missing piece of the puzzle! It can help you train more comfortably, and stay out for longer in a temperamental environment.”

How Do Female Runners Benefit From Proper Base Layers?

Good base layers have amazing heat and moisture properties. “They keep you cool when you need to be cool, and provide an extra layer of warmth when the sun is hiding,” said Matt. He explained that this is achieved through smart use of fabric. “The CEP Ultralight top uses Nilit Aquarius fibre, with a quick-drying fabric and hydrophile finish to keep you cool. It’s a great top for staying dry and fresh, whatever the weather!”

What’s The Best Kind Of Underwear For Running?

Do you run in normal knickers, or prefer to go without? You wouldn’t run in a normal bra, so you need to think about the design and material of your running undies, too.

“The key to the best running underwear is comfort,” said Richard Edmonds, co-founder of Runderwear http://www.runderwear.co.uk “Look for no seams on the waistband or around the hip (to reduce friction and give you freedom of movement). Choose highly technical moisture wicking fabric, which will keep you dry, avoiding chafing caused by sweat. A high-grade elastane is also essential so your running underwear keeps its shape, and doesn’t move during exercise.” Runderwear includes briefs, low rise hipsters and g-strings designed specifically for female runners.

How Can You Look After Your Base Layers So It Lasts Longer?

Richard recommends washing your sports underwear and base layers at 40 degrees. “There’s no need to tumble dry,” he said, “because the technical moisture wicking fabric dries quickly. Runderwear running pants are designed to last, so you don’t need to worry about how many times you wash yours!”

But Can Base Layers Really Help Running Performance?

Yes, said Matt from CEP Sports. “Wearing a base layer like the Ultralight top keeps you comfortable and confident, which can only ever help you perform better in training or a race. CEP Ultralight tops are incredibly lightweight and won’t hold you down or make you overheat. Athletes who train in lots of different conditions seem to love them.”

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