Jerky, but not as you know it – Snact natural snack bars

Jerky, but not as you know it – Snact natural snack bars

Most people association ‘jerky’ with salty dried meat, but an innovative snack food company have created a tasty eco jerky of a very different kind…

Snact have made it their mission to help save ugly and unwanted fruit from going to waste, with millions of tonnes of edible fruit and veg thrown away in the UK each year.

As part of this mission they have created an exciting range of products, which take fruit that otherwise would be wasted and turn it into delicious healthy snacks.

Alongside a range of natural snack bars are three flavours (Apple & Raspberry, Apple & Mango, Apple, Blueberry & Banana) of Fruit Jerky. By cleverly blending and drying the fruit to create a ‘jerky’ there’s no need to add any additional ingredients or preservatives. Not only is a tasty fruit snack created, but there’s enough goodness in each 20g pack for them to count towards your five-a-day.

Whilst all of the fruits used have been saved from an unsavoury end, for not being the right shape or size, or slightly damaged by early frost or hailstorms, the blueberries Snact use particularly caught the attention of the Food Unwrapped team – often discarded for being too small or not having the right flavour profile. In following the journey of a blueberry, the Food Unwrapped team were shown how much fruit, of all types, is wasted unnecessarily.

The result of Snact’s hard work are super tasty, vegan and gluten free snacks that are as at home in a children’s lunch box as an office snack cupboard.

Not only are Snact’s products good for you and your taste buds, but their eco-credentials go beyond the ingredients they use, coming bagged in plastic-free home compostable packaging.

Now available from health stores, Ocado, Planet Organic, As Nature Intended, Simply Fresh & lots of independent stores, schools and universities across the country.

Visit www.snact.co.uk for more details

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