ICEtags – Identification Tags

ICEtags – Identification Tags

We tag our pets to keep them safe. We tag our luggage in case it goes missing. Why shouldn’t people also be tagged In Case of Emergencies? That’s exactly what ICEtags™ do – they carry vital information about you to help you get the help you need, should you need it. They’re small, inexpensive and can be attached to your keys, clothing or shoelaces, yet they carry important ID information, emergency contact details and any medical details that may assist emergency services… just in case

What is I.C.E?

In Case of Emergency (ICE) enables first responders, such as passers by, paramedics, firefighters, and police officers, to identify victims and contact their next of kin to obtain important medical information.
There are so many uses for ICEtags, whether it’s for sports, for your keyring or even going away on holiday! The ICEtag is simple and effective. A small but important addition to your running gear.
Where does it go?
ICEtags are designed to be secured to your shoelace, but it can also be attached to your keys – which also helps if you happen to lose them!



Running4Women recommend that the ICEtag should be and essential part of your running kit, they are lightweight and fit securely on your shoelace or even your keys.  They hold important information to identity you in case of an emergency.
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