Sony Ericsson – Fitness Experience Pack

Sony Ericsson – Fitness Experience Pack

How far will you push yourself?

Stay fit and connected with the Fitness Experience Pack. Run. Bike. Walk. Blade. However you like to work out, up your energy and have some fun. It’s the perfect pack. With the app. And the extras. To be your new workout buddy.


Fitness Experience Pack review – Penelope R4W competition winner

The actual Sportypal app seems quite good, giving you a wide range of sports to choose from including running, walking, cycling and sailing.  Gives you lots of stats and gives you the option to share your stats with your friends via facebook, although I’m not sure why anyone else would be interested.   The fitness experience pack comes with an armband to put your phone in, a USB cable and LiveView. To get started seemed like a bit of a faf.  First I had to make a google account so that I could download the sportypal app, then I had to download the thing to make the LiveView work and then I had to get my GPS to work. The idea is that your phone tells the LiveView wrist band what is happening so you can keep track of not only your run stats but what messages you’ve received on your phone etc. The armband case is very hard to open and close with one hand, so you have to pop your phone in before you put it on, which is fine if you know your GPS is working.  But it is also too big for the Xperia X10 mini so I can’t help but wonder what else they expect you to put in it.  And once I started running it wobbled worse than any of my wobbly bits and cut into my arm leaving a red mark.  Not comfortable.  No reason why you can’t carry your phone in something else though. The LiveView wrist band sounds great, but does have a warning on it against exposing it to moisture or humidity, so I guess you can’t use it in the rain, and I’d be worried about it getting sweaty, although you can clip it to you rather than wear it as a wrist band.  And I did find that my phone battery went down very fast when using the app and GPS, so I’d be worried if I was out for a long run, about whether I would have the battery to call for help in an emergency.   So all in all I’m not sure this is something I would go out and buy.  Maybe if I was a bit more technical it wouldn’t be a problem, but it seemed like a lot of hassle just to log my runs when I can get all the information I want with a watch and google maps.  If you can be bothered to set it up and want the level of detail the app will give you, this is the pack for you, but to be honest I just want to run.

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