BRACKS Keep your laces tied!

BRACKS Keep your laces tied!

BRACKS Intelligent Solutions is a company that specializes in simplifying the functionality of daily consumer goods.
BRACKS Intelligent Solutions introduces the ‘BRACKS’, a unique shoelace clip that solves the problem of loose shoelaces.
Everybody is aware of the common problem and irritation of loose shoelaces. Moreover loose shoelaces can be dangerous in numerous situations.
BRACKS is an innovative shoelace clip made of lightweight materials that can be easily clicked to your shoelaces. Once clicked, no more loose shoelaces.
BRACKS are made in the Netherlands and constructed of high quality materials.
The BRACKS team has been putting a lot of emphasis on quality and durability.
Due to the perfect mix of materials, design and ergonomic shapes BRACKS is a simple and unique solution for the shoelace problem that is known to everyone around the globe.
BRACKS are simple, easy to apply and durable.
BRACKS are packed in matching pairs and are available in different colours.

Keeps your laces tied with only a single knot!
Your laces stay tied, even when you are forced to make a single knot because of short laces
Long laces (loops) can be shortened by folding the loops back over the single knot
Proven technology
Ergonomically designed
No more loose shoelaces for children, teenagers, adults and elderly
Ideal for sport shoes for all kinds of sports
Produced in EU with high quality light weight materials

Running4Women thoughts on BRACKS
Very simple to use and a very effective product, ideal for using on all sorts of sports shoes and for all types of sporting activities. Tested while taking part in the Touch Mudder and laces stayed done up so shoes stayed on. Great product.

For more information please go to https://www.facebook.com/bracksuk




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