How to Refocus Your Nutrition for January Running

How to Refocus Your Nutrition for January Running

It’s time to put down the festive leftovers and refocus on healthy nutrition.

Early January is a tough time for healthy eating. There are leftovers in the fridge. Chocolates and snacks around the house. And it feels so difficult to get back into your normal healthy mindset. Here’s the strategy we use to get back on track.

Cut back on the treats

This is an obvious place to start. It’s difficult to go cold turkey (no pun intended) on Christmas snacks, but make a real effort to cut back on the habits you’ve fallen into. No cheese, chocolate, or nibbles before dinner. The more you continue with festive food habits, the harder it will be to get back to normal.

Be realistic

We’re human, not robots, and it’s very difficult to jump straight into a saintly routine right after New Year. So, strike a balance that you know you can actually maintain. You can always tweak it once you’ve got the basics under your belt.

Out of sight, out of mind

If you’ve got unopened food or drink in the house, consider giving it as gifts, taking it into work/voluntary work, giving it to a food bank if appropriate, or simply putting it away until next Christmas.

Consistency beats perfection

Ultimately, an 8/10 plan which is executed every day will be more successful than a 10/10 plan that you only manage 4 days a week. Aim for “good enough”, and be consistent. Perfection is no use whatsoever if you can’t actually do it.

Eat a balanced diet

Don’t make drastic cuts to your calorie intake, or jump on a fad diet. Nourish your body with a balanced intake of foods, eat enough protein, focus on wholefoods, and remember to eat your vegetables. Sensible, balanced, healthy eating is better than any fad or branded “diet”.


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