R4W’s Guide To The Best Running Sports Bras

R4W’s Guide To The Best Running Sports Bras


If there’s one bit of kit us girls simply have to have, it’s a good quality, supportive and well-fitting running sportsbra. But which is best?

With so many makes on the market, and new models coming out all the time, it can be hard to keep up with what’s best. We asked sportsbra experts Boobydoo (www.boobydoo.co.uk) to lead us through the best running sportsbras for Spring 2013.

Shock Absorber’s Run bra is still a firm favourite and now has a great choice of colours to choose from. It has been specifically designed with runners in mind, helping to minimise the movement of your breasts as you run. It’s very soft and comfortable but gives a great level of support and control. The shoulder straps are wide (for comfort) and it’s easy to do up at the back, but very secure (with two fastenings). The design of the back allows for free shoulder movement as you run.

Moving Comfort is a firm favourite here at running4women, a really premium sportswear brand that performs brilliantly and always looks great too. Boobydoo’s pick is the Moving Comfort Juno bra (pictured above), a super-supportive racer-back bra which is firm enough to give great control but soft enough that it’s a pleasure to wear. The straps are really clever – they adjust at the front (with firm velcro) rather than at the back, so you can very easily tighten or loosen the shoulder straps whilst wearing the bra.

The final pick is Berlei’s Running sportsbra (which comes in a wired or non-wired version) and features what Berlei have called ultrasonic welded cups. This design uses a double layer of fabric to give maximum support. The straps are padded and can be fastened two different ways. This is a great looking bra.

Remember to wash your sportsbras on a gentle setting to extend their lifespan, but to replace them as soon as they lose their shape or stop giving you the protection you need. It’s a great idea to have two or more sportsbras so you can have one in the laundry, another one drying and still have no excuses!

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