How To Choose The Best Sports Bra For Marathon Training

How To Choose The Best Sports Bra For Marathon Training

Training for a Spring marathon? We asked an expert how to choose a long-distance running sportsbra.


Selaine Saxby, of Less Bounce (https://www.lessbounce.com) said: “Chafing and bra issues do tend to be more common on longer runs, but there’s no need to buy a specific bra. If you have a favourite running bra, or a newer one, save it for your longer training runs and race day.”

Do We Need A Different Bra For Long Distance Training And Racing?

“You won’t need a different style of bra, but do think about about what you are going to wear on the race day,” advised Selaine. “Any bra that’s your favourite now will be worn out by race day! It is worth getting another favourite bra for the big day, wearing it for a few training runs (especially a long one), and then setting it aside.

What Does A Long-Distance Bra Need To Do?

Selaine told us her 5 keys to a great running bra:

1. Fit
2. Comfort
3. Minimal seams
4. Breathability
5. Not be too old!

“It needs to fit very well,” said Selaine, “as any movement over a long distance will be far more likely to cause chafing. Comfort is essential (most ladies find wider shoulder straps more comfortable). And bras without too many seams are a good idea. You should also consider the bra material’s ability to “breathe” and wick away sweat.

“But the most important thing factor age of the sports bra, as so many ladies have a favourite and wear it for long runs. Older bras are far more likely to cause chafing as the fabric starts to break down. Sports bras need replacing every 30-40 washes.”

How Many Sports Bras Should A Female Runner Have In Their Collection?

“This really depends on how often they go out running. A good rule of thumb is to buy 3 new sports bras with each new pair of trainers. Throw your old ones out so you’re not tempted to go back to old favourites. If you feel conflicted about the idea of throwing your bras out, use LessBounce’s “sports bra amnesty” which gives your £3 off your new sports bra purchase. See https://www.lessbounce.com for more info.”

What Can We Get Excited About A New Running Bra Design?

“Berlei has just relaunched their Australian range of sports bras (endorsed by Serena Williams) to the UK. The High Performance Sports Bra is great for runners, with maximum comfort, minimum bulk and zero bounce (it’s Serena’s favourite). Marathon runners might also like Berlei’s Podium and Ultimate Performance bras.”

Thank you Selaine!

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