Granola that goes the extra mile

Granola that goes the extra mile

Lucy Rocks Granolas are for those who want a breakfast cereal that goes the extra mile. That doesn’t sacrifice quality for the sake of being grain and gluten free, doesn’t use exotic ingredients at the cost of sustainability, ensures ‘organic’ is more than just a box ticking exercise and certainly doesn’t compromise on taste.

To create this award winning granola its makers, Alara Wholefoods, haven’t relied on the latest whizz bang food technologists, but have instead turned back the clock to learn lessons from our ancestors, most notably ‘Lucy’.

Lucy was a strong and powerful woman who lived at a time when all food was organic and people relied largely on a plant based diet to fuel their active lifestyles. The food she ate was based on what she managed to gather in the wild and was of course unprocessed, with genetically modified foods still thousands of years in the future.

This is why, whilst the challenges we face today may be different to Lucy’s, the granolas contain only natural and organic plant based ingredients and superfoods, such as buckwheat, pumpkin and chia seeds, cashew and brazil nuts, coconut chips and nectar and mulberries, to help you power through the day; whether you’ve a busy day in the office ahead, a big gym session planned, or need a kick start to a day with the kids.

The combination of high quality organic, GM free, plant based superfoods results in a gluten and grain free, high fibre, vegan granola bursting with flavour and with an irresistible crunch. Available in two varieties, Golden Granola with apricots and golden berries and Glowing Granola with beetroot powder and baobab, the cereals tick all the boxes when it comes to nutrition, but Alara haven’t stopped there. They’ve sourced their ingredients from farming communities around the world that work with indigenous people in developing countries. By working with local charities to expand the development of good organic farming practices, Lucy Rocks aims to help create a sustainable future for all.

The brand is produced by the company Alara, who were the first ‘Zero Waste’ company in the UK, with its Kings Cross based factory being run purely off solar panels, and has recently claimed the title of ‘Most Sustainable Food Manufacturer on Earth’. 

The Lucy Rocks range is now available directly from www.lucyrockspaleo.com, Amazon, Abel & Cole and all good health stores.

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