Putting the super back into superfoods

Putting the super back into superfoods

There’s no doubt the word ‘superfood’ has been over used, but Of The Earth’saward winning range of Power Pots deserve the title in more ways than one…

Porridge pots with a difference, Of The Earth’s Power Pots’ ingredients list reads like the shelf of a health food store, with baobab powder, goji berries, lucuma, beetroot powder, spirulina, matcha, maca, and cacao being just a few of the superfoods making an appearance.

The result is a nutritional powerhouse of a porridge pot, which not only offers a healthy start to the day, but, being jammed with high quality protein, healthy fats and fibre, also makes the perfect post gym recovery snack or mid work day pick me up.

It’s not just the ingredients list that’s super either, the pots have a taste to match. Using gluten free fine oats as their base means that by simply adding hot or cold water (no milk needed) you create a creamy cereal that’s ready to go. With three different flavours in the range, Power of Green, with green tea, spirulina and barley grass, Power of Red, with strawberry, goji and beetroot, and Power of Brown, with cacao and maca, Of The Earth redefine ‘porridge’ and there’s something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

The pots, which are certified with the Coeliac Society, are pretty super when it comes to the environment too. Registered organic and coming in recyclable tubs with a bio spoon, which can be thrown on the compost heap when you’re done, the pots are handmade in the UK in a factory powered purely by solar power.

Whether you’re looking at their ingredients, taste or eco credentials, it’s pretty hard to argue the Power Pots don’t deserve the super tag!

For more details visit www.otesuperfoods.com. Now available from Amazon, Planet Organic, direct from the OTE website and local health stores.

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