Ergoflex Competition

Ergoflex Competition

Ergoflex Competition


Award-winning Ergoflex Memory Foam Mattress – The Perfect Runners’ Accessory


We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep after a run, and I’d bet that many of us have cursed the very springs in our mattress once or twice when it just hasn’t given us the restful support we needed. 

Well, that needn’t be the case anymore thanks to Ergoflex. 


Ergoflex’s award-winning HD ACPT memory foam mattress is created with a combination of layered materials designed to provide blissful support for the entire body. By cradling the body the mattress relieves pressure from the hips, legs, back and torso – creating an instantly relaxing sensation of weightlessness where no part of the body is left unsupported. With temperature-sensitive performance, the Ergoflex shapes itself to your body, delivering precision comfort and allowing you to find a sleeping position straight away. 


The upshot of sleeping on this memory foam marvel is that your body gets the support and time it needs to recover from the exertion of running, and you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated with the energy levels you need to keep fit and active. The little aches and pains that are irritatingly common after a jog go away far quicker when you have a therapeutic night’s sleep.


As one of the best-rated premium memory foam mattresses across Europe and Australia, and with an ever-growing army of dedicated (and well-rested) customers, now’s the time to treat yourself and your aching body to an Ergoflex memory foam mattress.


Here at Running4Women we have got an Ergoflex memory foam mattress worth up to £1599 (RRP) to give away to one lucky Member *** Enter the Competition Here***

Please note that the winner will only be selected from our Registered Members – you can register completely free by going here: www.running4women.com


For more information about the Ergoflex memory foam mattress visit www.ergoflex.co.uk  


Terms and Conditions:

One entry per email address. One entry per household. Maximum prize of one Ergoflex visco-elastic memory foam mattress. See Ergoflex website for more details: http://www.ergoflex.co.uk/legal-privacy


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