Designed for High Intensity Training, the new Nike Women’s footwear equips athletes for both indoor and outdoor workouts, as well as those that transition in between.

In High Intensity Training (HIT), an athlete must be ready to move quickly between sprinting, squatting, jumping and lifting. This same level of preparation is necessary during the winter months, when an athlete must brave rain, sleet, snow or even the heat of indoor gyms. When combining HIT and winter, the number of training scenarios multiplies.

In order to handle anything a trainer or Mother Nature throws at the female athlete, a versatile footwear solution is needed. The all-new Nike LunarElement is up to that challenge, but only after pushing designers into new schools of thought.

“The LunarElement represents a new way of thinking for us,” Nike Senior Creative Director of Footwear Sebastien Mermet says. “We wanted to create a shoe that was protective and stable without compromising our need for it to be lightweight, flexible and low to the ground. So we had to change the way we packaged all of these features together.”

For designers, this meant more evolution than invention. They looked to previous Nike footwear designs for guidance, with the goal of incorporating and improving best ideas and practices to create a perfect combination of features for metabolic conditioning.

“Our inspiration is always the female athlete,” Mermet says. “We studied how she works out and understood that in order to execute the wide variety of movements required of High Intensity Training, stability, balance and flexibility are key. So we looked to put her in a natural, almost barefoot-like stance.”

In addition to having a low, three millimeter offset (the difference in height between the heel and toe), the shoe features diamond-shaped pistons for enhanced flexibility and cushioning in the forefoot, where much of HIT movement takes place. Nike Lunarlon technology provides extra cushioning while keeping the shoe lightweight and responsive.

HIT occurs both indoors and outdoors, sometimes during the same workout. The Nike LunarElement will react to whatever conditions a female athlete finds herself in. Outlast® technology in the sockliner top cloth aims to regulate temperature in the shoe, helping keep the foot warm or cool depending on the situation. Lightweight and durable monomesh material protects the shoe from sprints in steady drizzle or push-ups in muddy parks, while also allowing sweat vapors to escape, helping feet stay dry and comfortable.

In addition, the aggressive traction pattern on the outsole provides significant grip for a variety of surfaces. The reflective Nike Swoosh remains visible in the low-light conditions of winter.


The Nike LunarElement is now available at nike.com.

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