Clever Running Kit To Make Autumn Running Easier

Clever Running Kit To Make Autumn Running Easier

Our round-up of innovative running kit to make your Autumn season more enjoyable.


Every runner knows that actually putting your shoes on and getting out the front door can be the hardest part about getting started. Once you’re on your way, you won’t look back! HICKIES makes that initial step even easier.

These smart shoelace replacements mean you can slip running shoes on and off without needing to tie or untie the laces. They ensure a secure fit which you can make tighter or looser with different lacing techniques.

£13.99 (originals collection), £15.99 (metallics collection)
From uk.hickies.eu



Secret Training Super Hydration Drink Mix

Autumn can be a challenging time for running hydration. It’s no longer baking hot outside, but the weather is muggy. You can get dehydrated pretty quickly during Autumn training runs.

Secret Training’s super hydration drink mix is the ideal way to stay on top of your hydration and electrolytes. It’s not just balanced electrolytes – it’s also got 20g carbohydrates per litre (important for runners!) Other clever aspects of this powdered drink include nitric oxide modulators to protect the gut.

It’s suitable for vegans, too. Yummy flavours include mango & passionfruit, lemon & lime, lemon tea, blackcurrant and elderflower.

80p per sachet or £24.99 for a 600g pack
From http://www.secret-training.com/shop/nutrition/super-hydration-drink-mix-powder-mangopassionfruit-single-600g/


Are your Autumn training runs plagued by mozzies and other biting insects? If you run near water or through fields, you probably know the feeling! Zap-It! is a really clever little device which you can carry with you (it’s tiny) to deal with insect bites as they happen. Don’t scratch (this floods the bitten area with histamine and makes things worse).

Just use the Zap-It device that generates a harmless and mild low electrical impulse which stops the itching and urge to scratch.

It’s safe, drug-free, and you can barely feel it. But you’ll certainly feel the relief! Each Zap-It! will relieve up to 1,000 bites – enough for years of Summer and Autumn training runs!

£5.95  From selected health stores, pharmacies, Asda, Superdrug, www.amazon.co.uk

Mission Athletecare

What’s this? Towels, headbands, and running kit that get cold instantly when wet? We were skeptical…. can this really work? Yes, it does. This is an incredible range which could revolutionise your hottest training runs and gym visits. The brand is owned by Serena Williams and huge in the USA, and just been launched over here. Simply run it under the tap, wring it out, and “snap” the material. You can feel it getting icy cold. And it all looks great too – the headband is our new favourite (and it stays put during long runs).Headband £15, towel £17.50 From https://www.missionathletecare.co.uk/

Runderwear Hot Pants

You probably already know about Runderwear’s famous undies! They’ve proven hugely popular with women runners who want comfy underwear designed for running. New to the range are these hot-pant style shorts. They’re smart, well designed, and a brilliant fit. Breathable, and moisture wicking, they are super comfy and won’t chafe (they can’t – they are 100% seamless). Designed to be worn under running kit or as shorts. Available in a range of sizes from S-XL.

£18.00  From https://www.runderwear.co.uk/collections/womens/products/womens-runderwear-hot-pant?variant=7875447043


Let’s face it, running kit and shoes can get pretty stinky after a Summer of hot and sweaty training. SportFresh spray is a brilliant must-have for keeping kit fresh. It uses “good bacteria” to neutralise odours rather than just covering them up. It can be used on any sports kit or shoes. We’ve even been using it on car seats (after driving back from the gym) and even on the sofa (when the kids insist on sitting down after sports before having a shower).

Available in Original Mint and Cotton Fresh (we love the mint).
£9.99  From https://nuvosportfresh.co.uk/

 Eyeko Sport Eyes Sport Collection

Who says you shouldn’t care what you look like when you’re running? Some women want to wear makeup (and that’s fine) and others have to head straight out running from work, meetings, or social events. Female runners know a good waterproof makeup brand when they find one!

We like Eyeko’s new Sport Collection, with a pure black eyeliner and black mascara. It’s 100% waterproof and won’t smudge or budge due to sweat or rain. And it’s free from parabens and packed with 11 fruit extracts to condition skin and lashes. A good addition to your gym bag.

£25 for both   From http://www.eyeko.com/eyeko-sport-waterproof-duo


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