Clever Running Clothing For “In-Between” Weather

Clever Running Clothing For “In-Between” Weather

This time of year can be tricky for runners: cold mornings, unexpected warm days, and that windchill factor! Here’s what smart runners are wearing.


Stock your running wardrobe with at least two types of hat for this in-between time of year: a pull-on, beanie style hat and a peaked cap. A beanie hat will keep your head warm on chilly or windy days (we lose a lot of heat from our heads) and can easily be removed and tucked into a pocket or in the waistband of your leggings if you get too warm. And a peaked cap will shade your eyes from low, Autumn sun if it suddenly makes an appearance.


No runner should head into the Autumn running season without a good pair of gloves. Cold hands are no fun, particularly if you suffer with Raynauds. Keep your hands warm and you’ll be able to use your fingers to undo shoelaces and turn front door keys.  Choose lightweight gloves that are windproof and have some reflective or high-vis material, too.


Traditionally the property of triathletes and cyclists, arm warmers can be very useful for runners at this time of year, too. Made from lycra, or thin fleece material, they cover your arms from wrist to elbow, adding an optional layer for days when a t-shirt is too chilly but long sleeves is too much.

Long socks

At this time of year, it can be too warm for leggings, but the thought of bare legs is too much. Split the difference by wearing shorts with long socks. The long socks act in a similar way to arm warmers, adding that extra layer and protecting the lower limbs. They’ll also help protect you against scrapes and scratches if you’re running off-road.

Sun glasses

It might seem odd to suggest sunglasses for running at this time of year, but they can be really helpful when running in the morning or late afternoon on clear days. Running directly into a sunset is beautiful but it’s hard to appreciate nature’s colour-palette when you’re being dazzled by low sunlight. A pair of sport sunglasses with grey, brown or even yellow tinted lenses (rather than very dark tint) can be just enough to take the glare out of low sunlight without affecting your ability to see where you’re going.

Lightweight jackets

Find a good running jacket which suits your needs and you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. The best between-season running jackets are windproof, lightweight, thin enough to tie around your waist, have all the pocket space you need, and include reflective panels to help you be seen and be safe. And they dry quickly, too, so you can wash them overnight and know they’ll be ready for your next run!

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