BEET IT SPORT Pro-Elite Shot

BEET IT SPORT Pro-Elite Shot

‘Beet’ your personal running best with a BEET IT SPORT Pro-Elite Shot

Developed especially for the leading sports performance research teams , BEET IT SPORT Pro-Elite shots have rapidly been picked up by the sporting elite looking for a natural boost particularly for endurance performance.
Enjoyed and revered by top sprinters, long distance, cross country and marathon runners, the BEET IT SPORT Pro-Elite shot is made from 100% natural ingredients, consisting of concentrated beetroot juice (98%) cut with lemon juice (2%).

BEET IT shots are at the centre of worldwide research in over 100 universities into the benefits of natural dietary nitrate supplementation. The research has identified that their naturally high dietary nitrate content (400mg per shot) interacts with enzymes in saliva to generate nitric oxide (NO) in the blood system. NO is a vasodilator that increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the muscles, thereby boosting strength and endurance – a similar mechanism (but legitimate) to blood doping!

One 70ml BEET IT SPORT Pro-Elite shot delivers 400mg of natural dietary nitrate, the equivalent of c0.5l beetroot juice. It provides the maximum intake of natural nitrate in the smallest volume of liquid for a quick and easy palatable hit. Only 7cl in size, the BEET IT shot is small enough to store in a back zipper pocket or running belt – a key tool to help ‘beet’ a personal best.

GB International marathon runner, Aly Dixon, commented: “I have read a lot of the science behind BEET IT, and now use the shots on a regular basis, especially in the build-up to a marathon, when I have to do long, hard tempo runs.”

BEET IT SPORT Pro-Elite shot is available from Sainsbury’s, Holland & Barrett and Amazon, with an RRP of £1.49. BEET IT Organic variety (300mg nitrate content) can be purchased from Waitrose, RRP £1.49.
For more information on BEET IT brand and products, please visit www.beet-it.com

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