9 Golden Rules For A Fit & Healthy Holiday

9 Golden Rules For A Fit & Healthy Holiday

Heading away this Summer? Make it a healthy one!

Your Summer holiday is a chance to be healthy. Here’s how to honour your fit and strong body – without being a hermit on holiday!

1) Let Your Body Relax

It might sound counterintuitive, but relaxing can actually be just the thing your body needs! Proper relaxing, with extra sleep and time away from your to-do list, can help your body let go of body fat and get healthier. Your blood pressure, stress hormones, and sleep patterns can all settle – leaving you healthier and maybe even slimmer than before!

2) Explore The Region

Being away is a great chance to get active. Explore your holiday destination, but try to do it in an active way. Walk, cycle, hike, kayak, stand up paddle board… whatever sounds fun to you! Take every chance to combine exploring, with moving your body.

3) Be On The Go

Somehow it doesn’t seem stressful to be on the go on holiday! So make the most of the long, sunny days and be active. The simple fact of being without your car and living in a different setup for a week or two means you’ll be moving your body more. Of course you’ll want to relax. But try to make the most of the days and be active.

4) Eat Fresh

Focus on fresh local foods like salads, vegetables, seafood, fish, and grilled meats. This is a great chance to try foods you wouldn’t have at home. And somehow even the simplest food tastes better on holiday under the sun (and cooked by someone else!) So there’s no need to indulge by choosing heavy, fatty dishes. Indulge your body with freshness and nourishment instead!

5) Avoid Unnecessary Calories

The easiest way to stave off holiday weight gain is to be thoughtful about what you eat and drink. Do you really need that latte, or that generic shop-bought ice-cream? Save your treats for things that really matter – local gelato with the kids, or a traditional dessert you won’t get at home. Shave off a few 100 calories every day just by realising that you don’t actually want or need that treat if it isn’t worth it!

6) Drink Plenty

Water, that is! Focus on your water intake on holiday, especially if you’re staying active. Water will fill you up, support your digestion, and help you stay healthier in hot weather.

7) Intermittent Fasting

This doesn’t have to be a big deal – all it means is not eating until you’re hungry every day. If that means forgetting about breakfast and making lunch (or morning coffee) your first food intake, then that’s great. It’s a simple and fuss free way of staying on top of your calorie intake. If it doesn’t work for you don’t do it – no drama!

8) Time For You

This is your holiday, too. So make sure you get at least some time every day which is just for you. You could use it to totally relax, to get out your planner and think about next summer’s training and racing, or to head off and try out a new sport near your accommodation. Or go for a run! Guaranteed it’ll be one of the most memorable runs of your year – new scenery, new faces, new horizons!

9) Keep Up With The Kids

Your kids are your very own in-house personal trainers on holiday! Challenge yourself to keep up with them. Suggest activities, or simply try to match them move for move! Act like a kid on holiday and you’ll stay slim, and experience a sense of happiness and joy that you don’t get from a adult perspective. So go on, be a kid this holiday!

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