10K Training – The Final 7 Days

10K Training – The Final 7 Days

Get your final week of 10K training right with our expert tips

It’s nearly here – you only have a week left until your 10K race! A lot can happen in a week – so it’s crucial that you get it right. Whilst you can’t make big changes to your fitness, you can make huge strides in confidence, preparation, and recovery. Here’s how to dominate the final week of your 10K training plan.


Don’t Do Anything New!

This is not the time to be trying out new kit, eating a radically different diet, or throwing in new training sessions. Keep everything the same, and reduce the intensity and frequency of training.


Get Your Kit Sorted

By this stage, you should know which shoes you’re going to wear for the race, and have a choice of outfits (cooler or hotter weather). Make sure you’re confident and happy with every aspect of your kit choices. Nothing should rub, chafe, or be uncomfortable.


Dial Down Other Training

You already know that you need to reduce the amount of running you do in this final week. But if you usually do strength training, cross training, or yoga then make sure that gets reduced too. You don’t want to become a couch potato. But it’s important to rest up and minimise soreness.


Get More Sleep

You’ll have extra time this week because your running sessions will be reduced. Try to use that time wisely by getting to bed a little earlier. Even half an hour earlier every day will really help you feel fresh and rested for the race.


Ditch The Diuretics

Did you know that alcohol and caffeinated drinks actually dehydrate you? Try to reduce (or cut out) your alcohol and coffee intake in this final week. You’ll feel better for it. If you typically use coffee as part of your training stimulus, the break will mean that your race-day espresso will work better than usual!


5 Days Out

At around 3-5 days before your 10K, do your final intense session. This could be sprints, speed work, or a race pace run. 3-5 days gives you enough time to recover from the session and benefit from the training stimulus.


2 Days Out

Two days before the race should be a rest day. Use this as a day to get yourself organised, planning your travel route and getting your kit bag sorted. You might even want to plan what you’ll do after the race (maybe a meal out with all your supporters?)


1 Day Out

Runners usually report feeling a bit twitchy the day before the 10K race. It’s fine to do a gentle, short session on this day but don’t overdo it. 30 minutes max, with a few short burst of race pace (or strides) will help you feel fresh and sharp.


The Night Before

Eat a meal that you know you can digest (this is not the time to go out for a meal, or try a new recipe!) Check your kit bag, travel info, and race pack one final time. Drink plenty of water, and try to get an early night.

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