Ron Hill – Aspiration Powerlite Tee

Ron Hill – Aspiration Powerlite Tee

New for Spring Summer 2008. Part of the Ron Hill Aspiration range which is a collection of stylish and flattering running apparel for the active women

Product Review – Carol R4W Member

STYLE – Liked the styling with the different colour panels but did not like the neckline. Score 3/5.

COMFORT – I take a size 8/10 top, this was a size 12 but was still rather tight so would recommend you consider this when purchasing one. Score 3/5

BREATHABILITY – A good top for running in the springtime. Score 4/5

QUALITY– Excellently finished on seam and hemming. Score 5/5

COLOUR – I loved the Crimson/Black two way colours. Score 5/5

OVERALL – A good top to have in the wardrobe, only concern being the sizing. Score 4/5

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