Portable Massage Gun addsfit Mini

Portable Massage Gun addsfit Mini

Portable Massage Gun addsfit Mini – Small, Light, but still Powerful


Addsfit Mini is made to be your personal masseur in the packet. Easily portable and providing powerful enough percussion for your daily massage.

  • Easily portable: It is super light as an apple that will enable you to take it anywhere you go.
  • Extremely quiet: One of the most adorable features that Mini is allowing you to any conversation or even video calls without being disturbed.
  • Suitable strength: With the customized design, three speed-level, wide fit for all kinds of refresh demand. Mini can provide a maximum of 27 lbs of powerful percussion massage.
  • Comfortable touch: Ergonomic design makes Mini extremely simple holding and feels as comfortable as massaging with it.
  • Care for personal hygiene: Mini is made with pure aluminum, this high-quality material helps resist any bacteria that tries to attach to the surface of the massage gun.
  • 100% satisfaction: If for ANY reason you not satisfied with your purchase, we guarantee 100% money-back on the product within 30 days. No questions asked!


Product Review – Addsfit Mini Pink Colour – Joanne Tranter Running4Women

The Addsfit Mini arrives in a really useful sturdy travel bag, which has everything inside including the easy-to-read instruction booklet, charging lead, massage gun and 2 heads. Nice pink colour.

After charging the mini massage gun I put it straight to use on my shoulder muscles as I had just finished a bootcamp workout in the park.  Well, what can I say for a small device its very sturdy and powerful, with the 3 settings it is strong enough to give a really good deep tissue massage. I really noticed a difference in my shoulder muscles they felt very loose and relaxed.

Overall, the Addsfit mini is a very powerful and practical massage gun that I would definitely recommend to others. Easy to carry around in your gym/training bag and use at your own convenience. I would give this 5 stars

More and information and Available to purchase from:

Website: https://www.addsfit.com/

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3q1pez8

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