Paleo for ‘The People’

Paleo for ‘The People’

Paleo for ‘The People’

With the popularity of the Paleo diet showing no signs of waning, and everyone from singer Sam Smith to actress Megan Fox saying it plays a role in their lives, it’s perhaps no surprise that Rebecca Field’s new book ‘Paleo: 12 Weeks to Change Your Life’, which aims to make the Paleo diet accessible to everyone, has jumped straight to the number one spot in its category on Amazon…

Following the success of ‘Introduction to Paleo’, Rebecca’s first book, ‘Paleo: 12 Weeks to Change Your Life’ takes a healthy and realistic look at how you can get in shape and improve your health using the Paleo diet. 

Well researched and simple to follow, the book dispels the myth that to

benefit from the Paleo diet you have to eat plates full of raw meat and instead guides the reader step by step through the principles and reasoning behind the Paleo lifestyle. 

The book promises to change your health and waistline for the better in just 12 weeks, the period Rebecca explains is needed to fully break your old habits and replace them with new healthy ones that will form the basis of a long term sustainable lifestyle, rather than a quick fix. It leaves no stone unturned in ensuring your first three months of following the Paleo diet are a success and, after an interesting and informative introduction on the diet and its benefits, there are shopping lists (always conscious of budget), weekly meal planners and easy to follow recipes (over 200 in total), with every meal of the three month period taken care of. 

The book goes far beyond just ‘diet’ however and takes a holistic approach to your wellbeing. It discusses how your general lifestyle, habits, mind set and exercise impact your everyday health; bringing everything together to form a guide that will act as a backbone for your progression to a healthier you.

Perhaps most importantly, especially for newcomers to the Paleo diet, the book allows for flexibility and ‘on the move’ modern day lifestyles. Rebecca understands that life places pressures on all of us, which mean we can’t always follow a diet to the letter and the book allows room for occasional slip ups and quick fixes.


Ultimately the book’s aim is to ensure that after 12 weeks of following its guidance you have a better understanding of how your body works and interacts with food, giving you the tools you need to continue living a healthy and energetic lifestyle, whether following the Paleo diet or not.

Available as a paperback from Amazon for £34.99 or as a downloadable e-version for £24.99 from www.paleodietandfitness.co.uk, where you’ll also find more information on the book and the Paleo diet as a whole.

Running4Women – Book Review

This book is very well written and when followed does exactly what the title says. There is a wealth of different recipes, all well written and very easy to follow with a quality picture of each dish.
I like the idea of a weekly shopping list which makes sure you have all the ingredients at the start of each week.
I followed the plan for the 12 week duration where I lost a stone in weight and am now more educated about the food I eat.
This is all thanks to the book. I would definitely recommend the book to other people who want to lose weight the correct way and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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