One More Reason To Fall In Love With Running

One More Reason To Fall In Love With Running

For those occasional days when your motivation to keep running is low, discover a new reason to be a runner!

The Running4Women community can already name hundreds of reasons to run. That’s why you’re here: because you’ve discovered the joy, freedom and pride running has given you. But sometimes even the most dedicated runner has a slump in motivation.

It’s dark and cold outside, you’ve had a long week, you just don’t want to go out for a run today. If that’s how you’re feeling today, check out our latest “favourite reason to run”… then get out there and enjoy the hobby you love!

Scientists at the University of Montreal Hospital Centre recently discovered a close link between the happy feeling we get when running, and an ancient urge to chase down some tasty food.

It seems that some of those euphoric feelings we get when we’re out on a run are affected by the hormone leptin, which is crucial for metabolic rate. Leptin is the hormone responsible for how full we feel after eating, and has close links with hunger, cravings and satiety. But we now realise that it has a huge influence on how active we are, including how motivated we feel to head out for a run. Researchers think this may be due to the close links between our body’s impetus to move, and its inbuilt urge to hunt down food.

Studies on marathon runners suggest that lower leptin levels lead to better marathon times. So low leptin levels increase our motivation to run, and make it even easier for us to experience that runner’s high, tapping into an ancient set of urges to be on the move.

Other reasons to love running:

– Feel good hormones (the “runners high”)

– Chance to get involved in sport whatever your age

– New friends who share your passion for running

– “Me time” on busy and stressful days

– A great way to keep on top of your weight and waistline

– Helps you stay on track with healthy eating

– Can make you sleep like a baby!

– Shows you just how strong you can be

– Gives you the chance to achieve incredible things

What would you add to our list?

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