Nike+ Kit – iPod Nano and Nike+ Trainers

Nike+ Kit – iPod Nano and Nike+ Trainers

Nike Plus: In 2006, Nike partnered with Apple and the Ipod Nano to produce Nike Plus. The way Nike Plus works is through a chip that goes into your running shoe and communicates with your Ipod Nano. The runner is told through their headphones how far/fast they have run/how many calories they have burnt…The real benefit of Nike Plus comes when you sync on the website – you can create your own profile and all your runs are then logged within it. What’s more, users can challenge each other to runs, helping to inspire others within the online community to train and stay motivated.

Nike Plus Kit: 2007 has seen Nike extend its Plus range with the Air Zoom Plus, Air Max Moto, Nike Shox Turbo OH, Air Max 180, Nike Shox, Navina and Air Max 90 trainers all being made Nike Plus compatible.

Nikeplus.com : The real benefit of Nike Plus comes when you sync onto the website – you can create your own profile and all your runs are then logged within it. Many people are using this to inspire them to run for the first time or simply give them the motivation they need. As nikeplus.com continues to grow, members are becoming part of an increasingly motivational online community, where runners can compete by challenging each other to run further or faster. For women the online element of Nike Plus means they have access to a training forum where they can be motivated and inspired without having to go to the gym and spend money on a personal trainer.   2007 will see www.nikeplus.com greatly enhanced:

Music Enhancements: The nikeplus music section will feature more content by artists commissioned to produce running mixes. The first global running mix has come from LCD sound system.

Smack Talk: This will be a feature where once you have set challenges to your mates you will be able to send them text messages based on their performance or your performance within a challenge. Essentially dissing them or boasting about your performance.

Group Goals: Currently, in the challenges section you can select a maximum 50 people to take part in a challenge, in 2007, this will expand so you will be able to set a challenge for hundreds evens thousands of runners around the globe.  

Forums: Will allow members to discuss their training amongst themselves.

Nike Plus Technology: Nike Plus also plans to extend its technology by launching the Nike Amp+. The launch date of this is still tbc Product Review by Joanne Chip/Sensor – initial thoughts were that the shoe would hurt my foot where the chip is fitted, however I was pleasantly surprised that I could not feel the chip at all. Very ingenious invention and very reasonably priced. Score 5/5 Trainers – There are a variety of trainers now available to suit most needs, I trailed the Nike Air Zoom Moire+ which were very comfortable and again reasonably priced. Score 4/5

iPod Nano – lightweight, easy to use with nicely spoken updates. The supporting website offers a great incentive compare runs and challenge other Nike+ users. Score 5/5

Nike+ Sport Nano Armband – fitted well on the upper arm but it was disappointing that you could not see the screen which meant you had to mess around a lot at the beginning of your run to get your iPod Nano in the armband. Score 3/5

Overall – Anyone who likes to run with music and also likes to monitor their progress, especially beginners will love this product. I would definitely recommend the Nike+. Score 4/5

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