Nike Air Zoom Vomero+ 2

Nike Air Zoom Vomero+ 2

Nike Lady Air Zoom Vomero+ 2 Road Running Shoe. Luxury neutral cushioning offering from Nike. Large PU crashpad for added control. Full length Zoom Air for responsiveness and an incredible ride. This shoe is Nike + enabled. Buy the Nike +sports kit . Place the sensor into your Nike+ ready running shoe then get workout feedback and energy boosting power tunes through your iPod nano during your workout.

Suitable for the neutral runner PRODUCT REVIEW – Nike Air Zoom Vomero +2 

by Karen

Cushioning– Fantastic ultra cushioning on this shoe and I cannot fault it.  Absorbs impact brilliantly and they are wonderful for distance runs.  I now feel I have extra bounce when I run!  In the past I have had problems with a hip/knee injury but 3 months after wearing these trainers I appear to be back on track and injury free. Score 5/5

Comfort– Extremely comfortable, in fact I have not come across a more comfortable running shoe; like running in slippers! I did not even need to break these trainers in, top-notch comfort from day one.  They fit comfortably around the heel and have plenty of room in the toe-box without being too roomy (I have quite wide-ish feet). Score 5/5

Grip/Responsiveness – Very light and responsive shoes.  The fore foot particularly seems to allow for natural foot motion, instead of running flat-footed my feet flex when they should.  I have no problems with the grip running on roads or paths and feel the shoes some how help to propel you forwards.  Whether pure coincidence or not but I appear to have speeded up during all my training runs since wearing these shoes! Score 5/5.

Stability– I think this is where the Vomeros let themselves down.  Compared to other neutral running shoes I’ve tried the uppers, although supportive, did feel rather soft and did not seem to have that rigidity that other neutral shoes have.  They may become misshaped fairly quickly andI feel a heavier runner could end up having to replace these shoes more often than an alternative neutral shoe. Score 3/5

OVERALL– I’m giving them top marks overall even though I’ve marked them down instability because for me personally the sheer fact they are so cushioned and comfortable far outweighs their lack of stability.  Alternatively, making them more stable could compromise the fantastic comfort, cushioning and responsiveness these shoes have to offer.  Plus they look good too!  Score 5/5

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