Karrimor Cushioned Ladies Running Shoes Review

Karrimor Cushioned Ladies Running Shoes Review

Karrimor Cushioned Ladies Running Shoes

These Karrimor Cushioned Ladies Running Shoes feature the D30 technology which offers increased shock absorption and comfort. They also take advantage of the eVent waterproofing which helps keep your feet dry by letting sweat evaporate out of the shoes. These also feature a padded ankle collar and a cushioned insole provide a comfortable and supportive wear.


  • Ladies Running shoes
  • Lace up
  • Padded ankle collar
  • Cushioned Insole
  • D30 Midsole
  • eVent Waterproofing
  • Karrimor Branding
  • Upper: Synthetic/Textile, Inner: Textile, Sole: Synthetic

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PRODUCT REVIEW – Karrimor Cushioned Ladies Running Shoes by Jess Running4Women forum member

COMFORT/ CUSHIONING – Very comfortable my feet felt well supported with plenty of cushioning. Score 4/5

 GRIP/RESPONSIVENESS – Very grippy which is really useful in the Autumn/Winter runs as the pavements are really slippy. Kept my feet warm and dry and my feet did not sweat in them. Score 4/5

STABILITY – Great stability while out running and I actually used them in the gym as well for a bootcamp class and found they supported my feet really well. Score 4/5

OVERALL – Great cushioned shoe which can be used for many different sports. Lightweight and breathable. Colour is black with pink so ideal for the winter months when it’s hard to keep your running shoes clean and the pink helps with your visibility. Score 4/5

Available from www.karrimor.com and sportsdirect

Read on for more information on the Karrimor range from Karrimor ambassador Helen Skelton

How to stay fit like a real pro During and after pregnancy

AVID Marathon runner and Karrimor ambassador Helen Skelton reveals the highs and lows of keeping fit and healthy throughout and after pregnancy, after giving birth to her first son, Ernie.
Pregnancy can change a woman’s life in so many ways and keeping healthy during the pregnancy is always at the forefront of any woman’s mind. This is why Helen has decided to share her story and secrets of how she kept fit and healthy throughout her pregnancy all whilst juggling her life in and out of the media.
Being pregnant really gives women the chance to explore new activities to keep fit. Pre-natal yoga classes and swimming activities are a great way to relax, keep fit and most of all make friends. However some women can be apprehensive about taking part in exercise whilst pregnant due to fear or inexperience. Helen Skelton provides a reassuring hand that exercise can be both beneficial for you and the baby;

“Pregnancy is not an illness! What you can do changes but you don’t have to stop doing things! I was active throughout my pregnancy, it definitely helped me. I told myself I was training for labour. I looked at it as if I was training for a marathon.

“Swimming is a fantastic way to exercise as it supports your back and removes all the pressure from your joints making you feel weightless. I started a reformer Pilates class which was pretty intense but I felt so good from it. I have an energetic dog so I walked him most days for at least an hour. If you don’t have a dog, borrow one!

“Eat what you fancy, if you crave something it’s probably because you need it. Add spinach to everything, it’s so good for you. Don’t feel guilty about eating chocolate digestives, they are full of iron!

She says, “Running is the quickest and most efficient way to get your heart pumping and your body moving. Despite Helen having her reservations, she prevailed and immediately noticed the positive impact it had on her body:

“I was nervous about running, however I gained confidence and saw the benefits. Walking can be just as effective, as it still stimulates your heart, without jarring your knees or ankles. Make a conscious decision to walk to the shops instead of driving.”

Skelton said that having a baby meant she had to adopt a different fitness regime due to the demands of being a new mum; “Ernie is so young, so it’s hard to leave him. He’s my priority now so he comes before any work out! I have also started taking him swimming, which means I’m able to do so as well. I am only managing the gym once a week and try to be as efficient as I can. I do more weights than cardio, as I lost muscle tone.
“I am looking forward to getting back to working out but I have been using the gym every week for 16 years so I am taking guilt free time off to put the baby first.”

After having Ernie Helen is back working with Karrimor, working on developing new outdoors and running product. She said that her Karrimor gear has really helped her work out during her pregnancy:

“Invest in some new workout clothes – especially a good sports bra! I can’t exercise if my chest is bouncing around and hurting me! It’s easy to feel unattractive and lose your confidence when you are pregnant. I bought some new funky sports gear and because I looked good, I felt good walking into the gym.”

In regard to the new trail running range by Karrimor, Helen said: “The new range is perfect for fashion conscious runners. First and foremost it’s functional for everyone, the added bonus is that it looks great. Perfect for running a half marathon or running to meet the girls on a Saturday morning. For me this range ticks all the boxes.”

The Trail Running range is available through Sports Direct, Sweatshop and www.karrimor.com with prices ranging from £19.99 to £89.99.

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