Healthy Easter Treats For Runners

Healthy Easter Treats For Runners

It’s Easter this weekend! A holiday full of chocolate. Here are some healthy Easter treats perfect for runners.

Eggs. Real eggs, that is! The all-natural counterpart of the chocolate treat is one of the healthiest foods you can buy. Why not treat yourself and the family this weekend by getting hold of unusual eggs like goose eggs or quails eggs and getting creative. If you’ve got kids, you could decorate the eggs, or blow the shells (anyone remember doing that as a child?) and paint the empty eggshells. Or boil the eggs with added ingredients in the water to create gorgeous coloured eggshells: use food colouring or, if you want to get really creative, try beetroot (pink or red), spinach (pale green), red cabbage (blue), turmeric (yellow) or brewed coffee (golden brown).

Like Christmas food, Easter food is actually very healthy once you get past all the chocolate. So why not sit down to a hearty but healthy Easter meal: chicken, vegetables, homemade gravy and sweet potato wedges make for a protein and vitamin packed meal which is sociable, filling and nourishing. Don’t forget to keep the chicken carcass so you can make a stock or the base of a soup or stew to eke out every last bit of the food without waste. Instead of a stodgy pudding, why not celebrate Spring  by creating a gorgeous bowl of mixed berries and inviting guests to add a dollop of Greek yoghurt, quark or even a little organic cream (it’s not bad for you in moderation!)

Hot cross buns are another Easter favourite food. Whilst they’re not the healthiest option, they can be put to good use by us runners! After a training session, your body is crying out for protein and carbohydrates to replenish glycogen stores and start the recovery process. So that’s when to eat your hot cross bun: post-run, ideally with a protein sidekick. So don’t just go for jam or honey, but make sure you add a protein shake, some dairy, some meat or some eggs to the meal too (maybe not on top of the hot cross bun – although we think quark would go really well!)

Happy Easter from the Running4Women team – enjoy your healthier Easter treats!

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