Beyond Road Running

Beyond Road Running

So you are fit and have been racing for some time. You started your “running journey” with shorter races and you have slowly progressed to half marathons and possibly even marathons but are now getting a little bored with running the regular kind of road races – you need a new challenge!

What to do next?

Every day some race organiser is thinking up a different challenge just for people like you and we will write about as many as we can find: what training you need to do, what to expect, what equipment you need and the contacts for the relevant organisation.

Just to whet your appetite here are a few of the different types of challenges awaiting you:

  • Ultra Distance – race distances beyond 26.2 miles.
  • Orienteering – map reading essential!
  • Triathlon – swimming-cycling-running, over a wide range of distances.
  • Trail Running – these usually take place over gently rolling hills and pathways.
  • Mountain running – not much explanation needed!
  • Extreme running – these courses are usually designed by sadists! They can include such things as crawling under netting and water hazards etc.

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